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04 May 2018 | Written by Louis Tully

5 Ways Installment Loans Can Give You The Peace of Mind This Summer

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Summer is almost here, and we all know that typically means it’s soon time for vacations, summer camp, sandy beaches, and barbecues. But before you head out to enjoy all that summer fun, it’s important to remember how easy it is to get burned when it comes to our finances, especially when we fail to expect the unexpected.

Overlooked bills, forgotten birthdays, vehicle repairs and surprise visits from the out-of-town family are just a few of the things that you could face this summer, keeping our credit cards working overtime. While there’s nothing wrong with falling behind from time to time, it’s very important to know how to catch back up. If you’re in a financial jam, don’t go refinancing your home just yet - take a minute and consider other means of financial relief first. Installment loans, for example, could put up to $3,000 in your pocket today. Take a look at these 5 ways installment loans could give you some peace of mind this summer:

Settle an Emergency

Installment loans could be used to settle a variety of urgent matters. If you’ve got a financial emergency on your hands that can’t wait, an installment loan could be just the thing you need to find fast financial relief. Thanks to a swift and easy approval process, installment loans can be secured in a matter of minutes at a provider store location near you, making it easy to put a financial emergency to bed as quickly as it happens.

Bridge the Payday Gap

We’ve all been there. Running out of money before our next paycheck comes in is a common problem many of us face. What’s worse that that sudden realization when you realize you’re broke until payday? If you’ve run through all your money before covering your expenses for the week, an installment could keep gas in your tank and food on the table.

Get Caught Up

Get Caught Up

Are your bills piling up? Don’t let them sit for too long, because a past due bill could easily slip into collections, leading to relentless phone calls from creditors and disconnection notices in the mail. Plus, having accounts in collections will do damage to your credit score. If you’re past due on your bills, an installment loan could give you the funds you need to pay them before the damage is done. If you’ve already got bills in collections, it’s all the more reason to use an installment loan to get back on track as soon as possible.

Save Your Home

Worse than falling behind on your smaller bills, falling behind on your mortgage or rent is something to take very seriously. If you don’t have the money to get current with your landlord or the bank, an installment loan could put emergency cash in your hands today to keep a roof over the heads of you and your family.

Relieve the Stress

Stress can be a killer, no matter what the circumstances are. According to recent studies, stress can lead to a variety of health problems including insomnia, high blood pressure, obesity, and even heart disease. If you’re under a lot of financial-related stress, an installment loan could help pull you back from the brink and give you the breathing room you need to beat your anxiety.

These are just 5 ways installment loans could offer you some added peace of mind this summer. Though the summer is usually a fun time of the year filled with sunshine, afternoon trips to the beach, backyard barbecues and family vacations, it all could come to a screeching halt if you get hit with an unexpected cash emergency. So if you’re ever in a tight financial spot this summer, don’t forget about applying for signature installment loans online. If you’re ready for some same-day cash today, click here to learn more about Simple Fast Loans!

Get Caught Up

Louis Tully