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31 May 2018 | Written by Louis Tully

How to Save on Your Luxury Vacation


Who doesn’t want a nice luxurious vacation? The problem is, coming up with the cash for an exclusive getaway doesn’t seem feasible when operating on a tight budget. A vacation’s simply not worth it if you find yourself searching for installment loans the moment you get home. Fortunately, there are ways you could enjoy a very nice trip without going into debt in the process. Here’s a few tips on how you could save big while living large.

Budget Your Trip Before You Depart

First things first. Decide exactly how much you want to spend before leaving for your trip. Budget for food, accommodations, side trips and anything else you may want to indulge in while you’re away. Have a spending plan and budget in place before you arrive at your destination and stick to it. This part of vacation planning is critical because it’s a lot easier to lose track of your spending once you are miles away from home.

Plan Zero-Spend Days

If a majority of your travel budget is already being spent on plane tickets and a hotel, you’ll need to find ways to stretch your remaining budget dollars. For at least one of the days you’re on vacation, challenge yourself to a zero-spend day. This would probably entail lots of research and planning, but it’s worth the money you’ll have left over for the rest of your trip.

Spend Days

Check In at a Nice Hotel

Going all out on your accommodations may seem in conflict with the idea of saving money, but it’s often a shrewd move. Most nicer hotels will offer complimentary breakfast, free cocktail receptions, in-house dining options and a pool, gym and spa in many cases. If you are going the route of an all-inclusive resort, there is often no reason to ever leave the facility, further reducing your overhead.

Always Ask Yourself, “Is It Worth It?”

A dose of buyer’s remorse can easily put a damper on your vacation relaxation and easy-going vibe. While you may be tempted to shop while you’re out and about, it’s important to ask yourself if the extra stuff you are considering purchasing is really necessary. Being on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean going on an all-day shopping spree. Even so, you’re there to enjoy yourself and if shopping is something you enjoy, then game on.

Is It Worth It

Louis Tully