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06 Jul 2018 | Written by Louis Tully

7 Saving Tips to Get the Kids in Style for “Back to School”

Back to School

The back to school season is here again and it’s time to get the kids ready for another year of learning. Of course, this part of going back to school is probably the most fun for the kids, but not so much for the parents who have to buy all the new clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes and school supplies again. But just because it’s back to school season doesn’t mean that mom and dad have to pay a small fortune to get their kids everything they need for another year in the classroom. In fact, there are plenty of affordable and budget-friendly options available to help make school shopping easy, without the need for signature installment loans to cover the cost. Here’s 7 super saving tips that can help your kids go back to school in style:

Go for the Sales

End of summer sales fall in line perfectly with the back to school shopping season. The sales begin just weeks before it’s time to get the kids ready for a new school year, so why not get started early with their polo shirts and a pair of brand-new shoes? You’ll save money while getting a head start at the same time.

Stick to the List

When the teacher hands you the supply list, it’s important that you strictly stick to that list. Back to school shopping is already an arguably stressful task, so why spend more than you need to? There’s no point in bothering with unlisted items, whether you think your child needs them or not.

Stick to the List


Let your kids shop through your home office for school supplies. Open up the desk draws and cabinets and see if you have any of the things on their supply list. Pens, pencils, notebooks, calculators and paper are all common office supplies you probably already have to begin with, so why run out to the stores to buy stuff you already have at home? It’s a common sense move that could save you a ton of money.

Buy Bright

Kids are in the habit of losing things on an almost daily basis, costing you more money to buy replacements. Buying colorful school supplies may help solve that little problem because it’s hard to lose something that’s glowing neon green. So when shopping for back-to-school, stick to the brightly colored stuff and hopefully their school supplies won’t get lost again.

Host a School Clothes Swap Party

Hosting a back to school clothing swap with your friends and their kids is a clever way to get all the clothes needed for a new school year. Chances are, your friend’s kids have grown out of their clothes from last year and could pass them down to your children. Plus, it’s always good to get friends together before the school year starts.

Go to the Supermarket

Go to the Supermarket

Supermarkets are a perfect one-stop-shop for just about everything on your list. Check the Sunday paper ads to see where the sales are being held and take the family to the grocery store to take advantage of any back-to-school promotions.

Shop online

When all else fails, you can always do your shopping online. In fact, many parents prefer doing their back to school shopping this way. You don’t have to drag the kids out to the store or run all over town to chase down deals. Plus, you get to shop in the quiet comfort of your own home on your time, not the store’s. Simply add all the things on the kid’s supply list to your cart and proceed to check out. It’s quick, simple and makes a lot of sense. Use all these financial life hacks for your everyday budget too. You could enjoy the benefits of saving money all throughout the year!

Louis Tully