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17 Aug 2018 | Written by Daniel Dewitt

4 Types of Small Business Events You Should Attend


Networking is the name of the game in business nowadays, and if you’re a small business owner you know that’s doubly true. Today’s economy is a harsh environment for any small business to succeed in, and any edge you can get is vital. This is why small business events can be so important to helping your small business thrive.

But where to start? Where to go? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here to help you with today. Here’s 3 types of small business events you should attend.


Conferences make up the core of small business events. They’re a great opportunity to mix and mingle with other small business owners and forge connections you can later leverage. Just as important as the networking opportunities though are the various talks different guests will give on the topic of the conference. Knowledge is power, and you can often gain a lot from listening to those with experience in your field.

An even better way of making the most of a conference is if you’re able to give a talk or present on a topic in your field. A presentation gives you access to a captive audience, and a chance to portray yourself as a skilled professional in your field.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Trade shows are similar to conferences, but with less of an emphasis on networking with small business owners in your field and more of a focus on meeting clients. Lead generation is a huge part of business, and trade shows are an ideal way of meeting clients you otherwise might never have the opportunity to talk to and open doors to new business. To impress new clients it’s important to have a professional and high quality booth, or at the very least sleek business cards.


While they might not seem like business events on the surface, fundraisers for various charitable causes can be hugely important for growing your business. They’re a way of meeting other business people in a casual environment where it’s not rude to go up and introduce yourself. And unlike conferences and trade shows, fundraisers often attract big fish CEOs and investors.

And besides, no one ever went wrong by supporting charity.



The stereotypical image of a business meeting is a game of golf, and for good reason. Because of the lull between turns golf provides an ideal activity to socialize and talk business. If you’re not already a fair hand with a golf iron, it may behoove you to learn how to play so you don’t miss out next time you’re invited to hit the links.

Installment Loans

If you’re all evented-out, another way to jumpstart your small business installment loans are a powerful tool. We’ve written before about how useful installment loans can be, and how effective they can be at taking your small business to the next level.

Daniel Dewitt