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12 Oct 2018 | Written by Daniel Dewitt

6 Tips for an Affordable Thanksgiving Get-Together

Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends and family and reflect on those things we’re thankful for. And while all of us try our best, it can sometimes be hard to be thankful when we’re worried about money. Money issues can affect everything from our health to happiness to how well we can throw a party.


But if you don’t want to compromise your Thanksgiving day celebration, there are steps you can take to cut down on costs without making the day any less joyful. Below we’ve mapped out six of them, but if you’re having financial issues that require a little more than just saving money at a party, think about an installment loans to help you through this tough period.

Hand Decorate

Sure, those pilgrim salt and pepper shakers are cute, but are they really worth how much they cost? Instead of investing in the full ceramic collection of turkey-themed plates and regalia, save yourself some money this year and handcraft your decorations. Not only will they save you a dime, but they add a cozy and authentic feeling to your party that store-bought decorations can’t match.


Food is a deceptively expensive part of any Thanksgiving celebration. Not only are you going to have to find a turkey large enough so everyone coming can get a slice, there are other essentials like mashed potatoes, corn, and pumpkin pie to think about.

To help abrogate the cost of feeding all your guests, instead of shouldering the cost all yourself, have each guest bring a dish of their own. The more people coming, the more food they’ll bring – meaning no matter how long your guest list grows, the amount of food will scale to match it.


Food List

Continuing the above point, create a list of foods and drinks the party will need and have your guests check off which ones they’ll bring to make sure you don’t have to run to the store at the last minute. This will help reduce redundancies and keep you from having to buy soda at the last minute just because no one thought to bring any.

Turkey Sales

The crown jewel of any Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey, is often the single most expensive part of any Thanksgiving meal. But not all turkeys are created equal, and more importantly, not all turkeys are priced equal. If you keep an eye out and stay vigilant, you can often spot sales and promotions for turkeys in the days leading up to Thanksgiving that can save you up to nearly 50%.


Connected to the point above, often in the days or week leading up to Thanksgiving you can save a huge amount on the food you’ll need by taking advantage of coupons. You may be used to disregarding those you get in the mail regularly, but stop and take a quick glance through those to your closest stores the week before. Online coupons are also an untapped avenue of saving that most people don’t even know about, much less take advantage of.



While it won’t save you money going into Thanksgiving, eating the leftovers from the Thanksgiving meal can help retroactively cut the cost. Far too many people throw away perfectly good food that could last several lunches with just a quick pop in the microwave.

Daniel Dewitt