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02 Nov 2018 | Written by Daniel Dewitt

5 Affordable Ways to Update an Outdated Bathroom

The bathroom is a room that’s deceptively important to any house Not only do we spend more time there than we realize, but it’s somewhere every guest will see at least once if not more. And because it’s such an enclosed space, a poorly decorated or clean bathroom has a lower threshold before it feels dank, crowded, and gross.


To keep yours from feeling that way, here are 5 ways to update your bathroom and give it a breath of fresh air without also draining your bank account dry or forcing you to take out an installment loans.

Keep Things Minimalistic

One way to keep your costs low when remodeling your bathroom is to make it look like you’re intentionally trying to keep things sparse and minimalist. Can’t afford fancy faucet fixtures or wallpaper? Make it look like you didn’t want to. A clean, minimalist look is hard to beat in function, form, and cost.

Resist the Knick Knack Temptation

Connected to the point above, when redoing your bathroom, resist the urge to fill the countertops and shelves with knick-knacks no matter how appealing they might seem. Knick knacks always and invariably make a space feel cluttered and claustrophobic – and worse, they’re expensive! It’s fine to keep those you already have if you absolutely have to, but under no circumstances should you buy more.

Get a New Rug

Get a New Rug

While it may be tempting to replace the floors of your bathroom, be aware that it’s often far more work than you realize. Not only does everything need to be taken out, but the old tile or linoleum needs to be torn out, new flooring bought and shipped over, and only then can the new floor finally be installed. Instead of going to all that work, a more economical situation is just to thoroughly scrape clean the floor you have and buy a nice bathroom rug to put over it. Not only will it make space feel cozier, but it will also help keep things dry when getting out of the shower.

Change the Fixtures

Much like a tent, the general impression of a room is held up by a few key poles, and updating them can make the whole seem much cleaner and newer than the individual parts alone. In a bathroom, fixtures are those tentpoles. Because they’re metal, they often will begin to tarnish, scratch, and fade over the years. No matter how hard you scour them, they will never look quite as good as they did when first installed. If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, then switching the fixtures in your bathroom can make the whole space look brand new.

Don’t Change Big Ticket Items

This point is the inverse of the one above: while it might look and feel good to replace something like the tub or toilet, if you’re trying to keep costs down, you’ll be best served by steering clear. The fact is, those big-ticket items are expensive and simply resurfacing them will get you much the same visual impact at a quarter of the cost.

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Daniel Dewitt