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20 Nov 2018 | Written by Louis Tully

7 Essential Travel Items for $50 or Less


Now, that the holidays are at our doorstep, it’s high time to pack our bags and visit family we haven’t seen since this time last year. While not everybody travels, there’s still the majority of us who do. And since this also happens to be the busiest shopping season of the year, it’s a good idea to learn how to save when you’re on the move. If you don’t want to kick off the New Year paying back an installment loans, try out these 9 travel items for $50 or less.

Battery Pack

A dead phone or tablet is pretty much dead weight when you’re away from home. Keep your essential electronics alive by keeping a portable battery charger handy and never miss another family photo op again! These handy little backups run between $20 - $50.

Passport Wallet

If you’re traveling overseas, the worst thing that could happen to you is realizing you left your passport behind at the front of the security line. Avoid this embarrassing moment at all costs by picking up a passport wallet. They typically run anywhere from $5 - $25.

Waterproof Bag

A Waterproof Bag

If your trip includes beaches, pools, springs, or anything of the water variety, a good waterproof bag might become essential. Keep your stuff dry with a good-quality dry bag for around $10 - $30.

Cooling Towel

Since you’re traveling at the peak of winter, we hope you find yourself in a nice warm tropical climate like Florida or the Caribbean. If you are indeed traveling to a place of endless summer, we recommend a cooling towel. Yes, we know it’s winter. These polyvinyl towels are ideal for dealing with the heat. Simply wet the towel to activate it and voila! You’re the coolest person in Disney World! And for just under $10, we thought this travel item should make the list.

A Reusable Water Bottle

This one may sound redundant, but it’s possibly the most valued on this list. Between your initial trip and all the different activities you’ll be diving into at your destination, you’ll need to keep hydrated. While you could just buy waters, coffees and the like, keeping a reusable bottle with you will save you money. Plus, you’ll be surprised to find how much you actually use it. Get yours for around $10 - $30.

Flight Cockpit

Disinfecting Wipes

The last thing you need is to catch the flu on your Christmas vacation. Do yourself a solid and be sure to pack some disinfecting wipes in your carry-on bag. Wipe down your seat and folding tray on the plane, and anything else you can think of to keep the germs away. Also, it doesn’t hurt to bring some hand sanitizer with you too. Each will cost you only a few dollars. It’s well worth it.

Vitamin C Tablets

Speaking of germs, why not stock up on some good old Vitamin C? Those Emergen-C tablets really work. Try taking one before your trip and keep them handy wherever you’re going. You can find a small pack for around $5. Don’t risk getting sick over the holidays. Add this to your packing list today!

Louis Tully