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Best Apps For Scheduling Meetings

October 26, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

Whether for business, family, or really wrangling any large group of people, having a competent meeting scheduler app at your disposal is an invaluable organizational tool that can save you hours of work and headache. If you’re unfamiliar with meeting scheduling apps, the concept is simple: they’re apps that help ease the process of scheduling and organizing meetings.

But like any kind of app, there are as many meeting scheduler apps as there are proverbial fish in the sea or options for installment loans. Picking the wrong one can cost you time, money, and in certain cases, clients. But how do you know what features you need? Which apps are the best? The good from the bad? That’s what we’re here to answer today.

The Features You Need

When it comes to meeting scheduler apps there are a few key features that separate good apps from bad ones and you should be sure your choice has. These are:

  • Ease of use: This is an important feature for meeting scheduler apps because no one has time to figure out a whole new system just to schedule a meeting. The app should be making your life easier, not the other way around.
  • Professional user interface: In a business context the app you use becomes an extension of your company, and even something as simple as a meeting invite will set the tone of your organization to both clients and employees.
  • Shareability: Unless you plan on being the only person to attend meetings, you want an app that makes it easy to invite and share meeting times and locations with other participants. Some apps do this either through sending links, or updating the calendar on other members who have the same app installed.
  • Ability to reschedule: Plans and schedules change, and so do meeting times. Under no circumstances do you want to be struggling with an app every time you have to reschedule a meeting.

The Shortlist of Apps Worth Your Time

Now that we have a better understanding of what features a good meeting scheduler app has, which are worth your time? Which do we suggest? Let’s get down to the shortlist.

  • Zoom is one of the most full-featured apps out there for scheduling meetings. It’s primarily designed to be used for video conferences, with very little lag. Another large upside is that all you need to connect to a meeting is a simple link that can be accessed through email, web, or mobile.
  • ScheduleOnce is a meeting app that you shouldn’t let the name of deceive you: you’ll definitely be using it more than once, thanks to its ability to create multiple calendars and designate which users have access to which ones. It also boasts a dedicated embeddable widget, which is handy if you’re working within your own website.
  • is the go-to app if your primary messaging tool within your organization is email. It embeds available times and dates for potential meetings directly in an email, making it easy to find a time that works for everyone’s schedule.