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Best Time to Buy: Plan Your Shopping for the Year

October 23, 2018 | By Ana Elliot

While you might be preparing for Christmas shopping, we’re here to caution you against going out and buying everything on your list at once. On one hand, there is no reason to take out an installment loan trying to get everything at this exact moment. While there will be great sales and deals to be seen soon, you might save a few items for later in the year or for next year. We’ve got the best times to buy all your big ticket items!


Clothing is quite divided depending on the time of the year you shop. If you are looking for winter clothing, the best time to buy it is, well, after the holidays. At the end of January, you’ll find the best deals on those winter coats and boots you have been looking for. For Spring clothing, it’s best to shop after Easter. Summer clothing and bathing suits are best snapped up in October. Another important sales date for clothing is Fourth of July when a lot of retailers offer sales and deals on apparel. As you can see, the best time to buy is when stores are trying to unload their seasonal wear so they can stock the oncoming season’s items.


The best time to buy appliances are any of our three-day weekend holidays such as Labor Day, Memorial Day, and President’s Day. Sales often span the course of the weekend which provides ample time for shopping. September and October are also good times to shop. It is a transition period just before new models come out so old stock has reduced prices.


The best time of year to buy furniture is in July. New styles are often released in August when stores start getting rid of old stock to make way for the new. While there are other times of year that have great deals (such as January), I’m sure we can all agree that bringing furniture home in winter is less ideal than summer.


It should come as no surprise to anyone that the best time to buy electronics is in Fall--specifically, November’s very own Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The sales on electronic goods during this time is incomparable to other shopping holidays. Brick and mortar retailers like Target and e-stores like Amazon release deals weeks in advance. Keep an eye out!

Outdoor Supplies

If you are searching for patio furniture or other outdoor supplies, it’s best to wait for summer to end. Much like summer clothing, the start of Fall holds the best deals. As the weather cools down, people turn away from the outdoors to come inside. Utilize this time to go in and grab a great deal on outdoor furniture!

School/Office Supplies

Unlike other seasonal items where we recommend waiting until after the major rush, it’s exactly at the start of the school year when you should go in and get your shopping done. August will find stores with great sales and plenty of coupons. Even if you aren’t “school” shopping, it is a great time to grab office supplies.


The best time to buy toys for your tiny tots is mid-December. The deals in preparation for Christmas often dwarf those found during any part of the year. New toys drop just in time for the holiday and sales abound. Just make sure you buy ahead of time as many toys sell out quickly!

And there you have it: The best times of the year to buy all your favorite items. Use this to plan your shopping for the whole year!