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October 2, 2018 | By Louis Tully

Ever dig into your fully-stocked closet as your preparing to start the day and wonder why you don’t have anything to wear? It’s a bit ridiculous when we think about it, yet we’ve all been there. So how do we solve this little wardrobe problem without going on a budget-breaking shopping spree? Here’s the thing; the reason we often feel like we have nothing to wear is due to an opposite problem; we have too much! As the old saying goes, “less is more” and this is surely true in the fashion department of our lives too! See how narrowing down your fashion options could make your morning routine feel like a perfect fit every time.

Getting Started

Depending on how full your closet actually is, this project may take a while. That said, clear you’re your schedule, crank some tunes and let’s get this closet makeover party started! Now, there are a couple ways you could go about lightening the load on your wardrobe:

  • Remove all items from your closet at once, sought your garments categorically (tops, bottoms, jackets, etc.) and only hang back up those that make the cut into your new, trimmed-down wardrobe.
  • Sift through your closet as it is and remove only pieces you don’t want.

Don’t get overwhelmed. The best thing to do is to just start and not think about all that goes into it. You’ll have fun as you make progress and the reward at the end is absolutely worth the effort.

Learn How to Cut Back

When cleaning out your closet, consider these basic rules of fashion:

  • Black versus brown: stick with one or the other to make matching outfits easier.
  • Solid colors are your best friend in the fashion world. Too many flashy designs and patterns can make finding a matching outfit more challenging than it needs to be.
  • Nobody needs 50 pairs of shoes. Set aside a few of your favorite pairs and ditch the rest.
  • When sorting through your garments, ask yourself, “Is this the first thing I usually grab or has it been ages since I’ve worn it?” If the answer is the latter, ditch it.

Emphasize Personality

By making sure your outfits are correctly expressing your personality, you can easily narrow down the things in your closet. For example, a t-shirt from a band you haven’t listened to in 15 years might not match your current tastes and, therefore, should be discarded. Also, remember those old torn up jeans from college? You’re not in college anymore! Ditch them too. By doing this, not only are you trimming down your closet, but you’re also making it much easier to express your current self, making outfit pics easier to manage. It’s a win, win, win!

Fashion and Finance

Believe it or not, by keeping your fashion in line, you could be keeping your finances in line, too. Now that you have a cleaned-out closet filled with neatly organized outfit options, you won’t feel the need to spend your precious cash on new duds. You see, a cluttered closet can keep good fashion choices hidden, while a clean closet reveals all your outfit options in plain sight. Now, although you may have stopped yourself from spending more money unnecessarily, you might still find yourself in a position of financial need and that’s okay. For short-term relief, installment loans could be an easy option for you. These easy-to-obtain personal loans could help you through almost any financial pinch. So, don’t wait! Contact your local lender today and see how installment loans might be a good fit for your financial situation.