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Cell Phone Bill - Here's How to Lower It!

June 12, 2018 | By Louis Tully

Having a cell phone is pretty much a necessity these days. Leaving it behind under any circumstance just doesn’t feel right. You know what feels even worse? The bill you receive each month. But just because the cell phone has become a a must-have in these modern times, it doesn’t mean your plan has to cost as much as your electric bill. If your mobile service charges have you reaching out for installment loans, there are a number of ways to lower your bill without sacrificing your need for connectivity.

Change Your Plan

More often than not, mobile customers take a peek at their data usage only to find they’re not hitting anywhere close to their data limit. In other words, they’re paying for data they’re not even using. Believe it or not, if you changed your plan to one with data based on your actual use, you could significantly cut back on your phone bill.

Add Lines

It may sound like backwards thinking, but adding more lines to your mobile plan does actually lower your bill. While it’s true that adding more lines will make the overall bill higher, the money you are paying for each line goes down, so as long as you’re splitting the bill amongst family members or friends, you’ll end up paying less each month for service.

Ditch the Protection Plan

Are you paying for insurance for your phone? If you are, it’s time to drop it. How often have you ever needed to use your mobile phone insurance? If the answer is “never,” you shouldn’t waste any time dropping it from your bill. The truth is, by the time something does go wrong with your phone, you’re probably ready to upgrade. Though insurance may give you peace of mind, it’s something you’re paying for that you’re probably not using.

Update Your Service Address

A lot of what you pay on your bill could be coming from federal and state taxes and various fees. If you or anyone on your phone plan has moved to a different state, you could save big just by changing the service address on your plan. For example, in a study done in 2016, wireless customers relocating from Washington to Oregon saved an average of $170 a year in fees alone.

Little tweaks to your wireless plan can make all the difference when it comes time to pay the bill. Even going as far as switching carriers is a perfectly viable option, so if you’re working within a tight budget and need to cut corners on your monthly bills, the cost of your cell phone service is a great place to start.