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Eco-Friendly Ideas to Save Money Around the House

As April 22nd fast approaches, people are scrambling to set up cleanup programs, recycling stations and creating awareness projects to help prepare for this year’s Earth Day. You don’t have to go above and beyond to join the cause, but you can be a huge help just by doing your part. Recycling, picking up trash or even opting to ride your bike instead of driving the car to run errands are just a few things you could do to help join the cause. This isn’t just about taking care of our planet, it’s about preserving our home for future generations. Plus, it has benefits beyond exercise. It turns out making Earth-friendly choices not only helps out your health and the environment, it also saves you money. If installment loans are currently helping you keep green in your pocket, know that there are other ways to give yourself a little more financial breathing room. Here are some smart eco-friendly ideas that can help you save some green:

Grow a Garden

Save money on your grocery bill while adding a little more green to your neighborhood by growing your own veggies at home. Taking care of a small home garden isn’t as much work as you might think. All you need is some good topsoil, some seeds or seedlings and plenty of water and sunshine. Nature will do most of the work for you - all you have to do is plant your seeds in a good spot where there’s plenty of sunlight and be sure to water your plants when there’s no rain. Watching your crops grow is super gratifying and you can eat healthy food you grew yourself instead of buying it from the store.

Ditch the Disposables

Many households opt for paper plates and plastic cups because they make after-meal cleanups so easy. But what about all the money you spend to purchase these items over and over again? Ditching disposables in favor of reusables will save you big money in the long run and it’s a much better for the environment, too.

Ride Your Bike

Burning gasoline in your car is not only expensive, but it also contributes greatly to your carbon footprint on the environment. If your destination is close to your house, why not take the old bike out for a spin? By leaving your car keys at home, you can help reduce greenhouse emissions, save a little money and get some cardio going on.

We’re all looking for ways to improve our financial situation, including part-time jobs, yard sales, budget plans and even tax returns. But if Tax Day wasn’t too kind to you this year, you could always use these eco-friendly ideas to help improve your financial situation year round. Treat every day like it’s Earth Day and you’ll not only be helping keep the planet healthy, but you’ll get to keep some more green in your wallet, too.