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Food to Make Your Labor Day Barbecue a Hit

July 27, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

A Labor Day barbeque is an old and revered American tradition. And while there’s a lot of things that go into making a successful barbecue (guest list, weather, beer), the most important is what food you’re going to be serving. The right food can mean the difference between an ok barbecue and one that your friends will be buzzing about afterwards.

Sure, I hear you hypothetical reader say, no problem I got this. Just hotdogs and burgers, right? Well, yes, but that’s only going to get your barbecue to the level of good. To achieve true barbecue greatness you’re going to have to do a little bit more. And that’s the roadmap we’re here to lay out for you today.

Invest in Quality Ingredients

While it may not seem like the specific brand of hotdog or burger would matter after the amount of grilling they’re going to go through, the difference between quality ingredients and low quality ones can have a massive impact on the final taste profile.

If you want to up your flavor game, then when you’re at the store invest in brand names instead of generics. Generics are dirt cheap for a reason; they taste like dirt. Their texture is often crumbly and cardboard-like, and the taste bland. Certain brand names are better than others, but all are superior to generics.

Indulge in Spices

This covers spices and relishes and all flavor add-ons that are key to bringing the umph to any given food. There’s a reason that throughout history wars have been fought over spices and entire continents discovered in the search for it. While you don’t necessarily need to carpet bomb your dishes with spices, even just a touch can help bring out the qualities of the underlying food.

Just like a great song, a great meal has a deep base and higher melody, a in this case spices are that melody. And just like with the base foods you’re going to be sprinkling them on, you should make sure to invest in quality spices.

Experiment With Recipes

Hotdogs and burgers are old standbys, but they shouldn’t make up the entirety of your Labor Day menu. There are countless recipes out there, but here are just a few that can energize your barbecue: garlic bread, ribs with pepper sauce, smoked brisket, steak burgers, bacon wrapped hotdogs, vegetable kebabs, ribs, and potato salad.

Not only does having a variety of food add some sizzle to your barbecue, but it also gives people with dietary restrictions options, something they undoubtedly appreciate. Ultimately, a barbecue with a variety of food is a successful barbecue.

Don’t Labor on Labor Day

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