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Get in a Healthy Relationship with Money in 3 Simple Steps

May 14, 2018 | By Louis Tully

We can all agree that love and money are two of the most complicated subjects known to man. Put the two together and you’ve got quite the complex equation to solve. Like it or not, money plays a huge role in just about every aspect of our lives. We use money to pay for wants, needs and everything in between. Although sometimes the mere thought of budgets and bills can leave us in a state of panic, it’s important to have our fingers on the pulse our finances. Take a look at these 3 simple steps to help you establish a healthy relationship with your money:

Be Thankful

The first step to building a healthy relationship with money is learning to be thankful for what you have. While it’s easy to let never-ending bills and financial emergencies get the best of us, being grateful that you have the money to pay those bills in the first place is a good first step in gaining a healthier outlook on your money. Even if you need installment loans to fill a payday gap from time to time, at least you have a next payday coming. Try to look at things from a more positive perspective and you’ll quickly begin to change your mind about how you look at money.

Look Positively at Your Money

As mentioned above, seeing your money through a more positive lens can swiftly change the way you think about it. If you can learn to keep a more positive outlook on what’s in your wallet, it will directly effect how you spend your money. Many people who look at their paychecks with a defeated attitude fail to see the potential in their earnings. Don’t stress over how much money you have left over after paying your bills for the month. Instead, be happy that you can afford to pay those bills in the first place. Sure, there will always be people out there who make more than you, but likewise, there’s always those who make less than you, too. It’s not about how much money you have. It’s what you do with it that really counts.

Spend Time With Your Money

Want to be in a healthy relationship with somebody? You will need to spend plenty of time with them. The same rule applies with our finances, too. In the same way that you would take your partner out on regular dates, you should also be setting aside time for your money. Pick a day of the week to go over your budget and see where you stand with your finances. If things aren’t going as well as you’d like, this is your opportunity to figure out ways of improving your budget and looking for areas of spending that can be reduced. If things are on course, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re on the right track.