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Holding onto Your Budget While Online Dating

May 10, 2018 | By Louis Tully

Making room in your budget for all of your monthly expenses can be quite a challenge, and if you are actively trying to save money, sacrifices may have to be made. However, dating doesn’t have to fall into this category of cuts. In fact, dating plays a very important role in your life journey. It is possibly how you could meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and should take priority on your list of expenses. Here are a few tips you could apply to your dating endeavors that could help prevent you from needing installment loans to make it to your next paycheck:

Dining Out

Going out to eat can get expensive, even when you’re dining alone. Add a date to the picture and you’ll be spending upwards of $100 between drinks, appetizers, entrees and the tip. If you want to show your date a good time without breaking your budget, there’s nothing wrong with having dinner at your place. Clean everything up, set the table, light a candle and drop the needle on your turntable. If you do it right, dinner at your place can be 100x better than going out to any crowded restaurant.


Going out to the movies is another budget buster. Ticket prices have increased substantially in recent years, and concession prices have kept pace. If you want to save money, offer your date an alternative by watching a movie at your place. Online streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu offer a ton of movies you can enjoy right from the couch. Just grab yourself some snacks from the kitchen and enjoy a much cozier movie-viewing experience together without spending a dime.

Fun Stuff

There’s all sorts of fun activities you and your date could enjoy together that may cost a little, but won’t break your budget. Here’s a small list of things you two can enjoy that are free or cost next to nothing:

  • Go to the beach
  • Meet up for a coffee
  • Go bowling
  • Visit your local botanical gardens
  • Go to the zoo
  • Visit your local park

These are just a few fun things you could do with your date that won’t leave you broke. Feel free to give any one of these ideas a go and you two should have a wonderful time without all the expense of traditional dating options. After all, memories aren’t measured or made by the money we spend. They’re created by those special moments we share that are truly priceless.