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Holiday Pitfalls: 4 Key Things to Budget for This Holiday Season

November 14, 2018 | By Ana Elliot

It’s official: the holidays are in full swing. We’ve kissed Halloween goodbye for the year, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Starbucks has rolled out its Christmas menu and we are moving away from pumpkin spice flavor profiles towards eggnog and other Christmas favorites. With this in mind, you might be panicking about your holiday budget. Did Halloween leave you drained? Are you freaking about Thanksgiving?

Well, there is no reason to freak out and start looking up title loans! We’ve got you covered (partly) with a list of the most important things to factor into your budget for the rest of your holiday season.

The Food

When you enter the holidays, you expect to gain some weight. Why? The food, of course! We’re all looking forward to the great belt-unbuckling holiday of the year: Thanksgiving! Between what you will buy for Thanksgiving and all the holiday-themed food, (not to mention Christmas Eve dinner and food and Christmas morning,) it’ll cost a pretty penny either way. If you are worried about spending a lot on your holiday meals, why not check out these cost-cutting hacks? It’s important to budget for food, so this might be the season to eat out less during the week. Save that money for when you meet with friends for the holidays instead.

The Parties

Speaking of food, have we mentioned the parties? There are going to be holiday parties and Thanksgiving itself is one big party. Parties might mean dressing up, so new duds may be a priority. You may also have to bring a little something for the host of each party. Be conscious of how many parties you are committed to go to this year and start planning around that. Maybe you can even wear some clothes you have already!

The Gifts

Once we are done with Thanksgiving, the Christmas shopping season will kick into high-gear. Buying gifts take a huge chunk out of your budget, so it's important to start shopping from now. Buying early can help you budget better – it’ll give you time to find deals as well as plan out how much you will spend on each person. You should definitely be putting money aside for gifts. It will probably be one of the biggest expenses you’ll face.


If you are traveling anywhere for the holidays, you should have budgeted probably before this point, especially for Thanksgiving. But there might still be time for Christmas! The big thing you need to keep in mind is planning early and researching as much as possible. Flight comparison sites are one of your most powerful tools for holiday travel. But hurry – if you don’t act soon, you’ll be paying through the nose! Remember to start early next year. Getting your holiday travel schedule done by September is a great idea.

And, there you have it: the four things to plan your holiday budget around! Get to saving or, if it is too late for that, why not look into an installment loan to help you handle all the expenses? Get more “happy” in your holidays, and use these 4 tips to make the season even brighter!