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How to Create the Perfect Life Balance Between Family and Work

June 1, 2018 | By Louis Tully

In today’s world, life can get pretty busy. Maybe even too busy at times. Between work, family, friends and everything in between, finding the time to fit everything into your hectic schedule can feel like forcing a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit. With so little time to spare, having a balanced family-work life and investing in yourself are the keys to a happier existence. It’s all about keeping everything in balance and not allowing one aspect of your life to dominate everything else. Here’s a few helpful tips to help you find the right balance between your professional life and your personal life:

Take Advantage of Work Benefits

When trying to balance your family and work life, using your vacation time is crucial. Most employers offer their employees a set amount of paid hours that they can use to take time off from work whenever it’s needed. It’s not just reserved for doctor’s appointments and sick days, though. You could use your PTO for any reason you choose, be it for a family vacation, staying home with a sick child or simply a day to sleep late and do what you want. So, if you find yourself spending too much time at the office and enough time at home, feel free to put in your PTO request and plan some quality time with your family.

More Employer Perks

Some employers offer other perks that could greatly help you in your pursuit of finding a balance between work and your personal life. For example, many employers will accommodate an employee’s request a more flexible work schedule. Whether that means tacking on an extra couple of hours to your shifts so you can have Friday off or opting to telecommute on certain days. Talk to your boss and see what flex options are available to you.


Pointers for Balancing Life and Work


Exercise isn’t just good for you - it can also help improve your ability to juggle work and family life with ease. Get creative and find ways to incorporate your new exercise routine into your current schedule. Just a half hour of moderate cardio and light weight training each day is enough to keep your mind alert and your body healthy. Exercise also boosts your levels of dopamine and endorphins, which help you naturally reduce stress levels. This makes it easier to stay on top of your busy schedule, and transition more fluidly between work and family routines.

Mark Your Calendar

It helps to keep a calendar handy so you can keep track of everything going on at a glance. Use your calendar to set aside time for family and plan out your work activities for weeks in advance. You’ll feel more in control and be able to plan for things ahead of time instead of just taking life as it comes.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”

People may not like being shut down, but it’s necessary to put your foot down sometimes. While you may not be able to say no to your work responsibilities, you still have control of your life outside the office. If a friend invites you on a weekend trip and all you want to do is relax at home, kindly reply with a no thank you. It’s all about keeping priorities in line, and not spreading yourself too thin out of a perceived sense of obligation.

Put Away the Electronics

In today’s age of technology, we spend way too much time gazing at our phones, tablets, computers, etc. Plan a time in the day when all electronics are turned off so family time can take center stage. You’d be surprised to find how much free time there is when all the gadgets are taken out of the picture.

So there you have it. If your work-family life starts feeling out of proportion, use these ideas to help bring things back into balance. You may even find less need for installment loans from all the money you’ll save by planning ahead and keeping your priorities straight.