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Living a Minimalist Life Saves Money!

May 15, 2018 | By Louis Tully

In recent years, minimalism has evolved into the new modern-day lifestyle, inspiring a growing number of Americans to adopt a “less is more” mentality. If you’ve ever read about this movement or heard somebody refer to themselves as being a minimalist, then you might know a few of the basic tenets of minimalism. The idea is simple. Consume less so you can experience more. If you have less “stuff” crowding your life, you have more room for things that are much more worthwhile than any material thing. If installment loans have been keeping you afloat in recent years, perhaps it’s time minimalism took a more prominent role in your way of living. Here are a few ways minimalism could help you improve your lifestyle and finances.

Care for Your Stuff

When you eliminate everything extra from your life, you’ll find it’s much easier to put extra effort into taking care of the things you do have, which in turn will make them last longer. Clothing is a primary example of this. It’s much easier to care for a small number of outfits than a small mountain of laundry. Nobody’s going to take the time to iron 50+ shirts, but they might if they only had 10 shirts to hang up. Taking extra care of your stuff means it will last much longer, saving you money on replacements.

Quality Over Quantity

The way of the minimalist is also based on another simple principle; quality over quantity. The truth is, nobody needs 50+ shirts hanging in their closet. Yet most people’s wardrobes are fully-loaded with cheap garments that collectively cost a small fortune. But the minimalist’s wardrobe looks a lot different. The stuff in their closet costs maybe a fraction of the average consumer’s and contains only a few outfits hanging on the rack, all of which are of much higher quality.

Stick to the essentials

Going minimalist also means going without all the excess gadgets and accessories that we’ve been convinced we need. Advertisers are pros at convincing us we need all sorts of specialized products in order to improve our quality of life. But nobody really needs a strawberry stem remover when a good kitchen knife will work just fine. Nobody needs a bunch of computers and tablets when their smartphone already does it all. Learning to let go of all the specialized, single-use items that we rarely use and sticking to more practical technologies we use every day is the key to adopting a more minimalist lifestyle. It’ll save you space, stress and yes, money.