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June 1, 2018 | By Emma Frost

It’s easy to feel more than a little overwhelmed when your spending habits start catching up with you, especially when your finances aren’t on steady ground. This balancing act can get exhausting for even the most experienced tightrope walker, but just because you’re up on the wire doesn’t mean you have to go without a net. All of us could use a little extra money from time to time, and if you’re facing a financial emergency or unexpected expense, chances are you’ve already contemplated an installment loan or other short-term lending option.

The internet is where most people start looking for the extra cash they need, but have you considered using the web to find a side-gig to bring in some extra income? You might already have everything you need to lock down a side hustle that could have your finances out of the red in no time. Find out how you can turn your spare time into an extra paycheck in no time flat with these easy tips to make your part-time job work for you.

Rent Out a Room or House-Sit in Style

Do you have too much house? Why not use that extra space to make money with AirBnB? Turning the extra space in your home into a guest suite can serve as a great way of making money on your terms. If have a vacation planned, you can also save by using Nomador to get paid for watching someone’s home while you are traveling. This service allows you to house-sit all over the world, near or far – it’s like having your cake and eating it, too.

Get a Cash Boost From Uber or Lyft

If you have a clean driving record and a nice vehicle, you can use it to get the financial boost you need between paychecks by driving for Uber or Lyft. These apps let you go from earning to relaxing in a matter of seconds. If you need cash faster still, you can access the equity of your vehicle with a title loan, or unlock your paycheck a week early with a payday loan. The money is there if you just know where to look.

Work as a Sitter or Tutor

Tapping into your interests is a great way to make money without it feeling like work. Dog lovers can make money dog-sitting or dog-walking with the Rover or Wag apps. If childcare is more your speed, you can find plenty of work through sites like, SitterCity, or UrbanSitter to turn your extra time into extra cash. And if sharing your wealth of knowledge is your passion, the Kram app is the perfect solution. Hailed as Uber for tutors, this app lets you teach students online at every level of academia to make extra cash on your terms.

Get Paid For Your Opinions

Some people take shopping seriously, and some businesses will pay for your input and opinions. Getting paid to shop or getting cash back for the things you buy anyway can help you save big and supplement your income. Being a mystery shopper in your spare time can help you make some of that money back, but always make sure that you’re working with an MSPA certified company to avoid getting scammed. One general rule for aspiring secret shoppers is never pay for work opportunities; you should never be asked to pay to view listings for mystery shopping work or otherwise. You can also cash in on your past professional experience by doing some consulting work. Finding consulting work through and is a breeze, and you may be surprised at how valuable your skills and knowledge are.

Set Up an Online Store

It doesn’t get much better than getting paid for your spring cleaning. There are plenty of ways to make extra cash and organize your home by simply clearing out some of your household clutter. Start by clearing out your unused household items from your closets, attic, basement and garage. While some of it may clearly be ready for recycling or the dump, the rest could easily be converted to cash by connecting it with the right buyer. There are tons of applications on the Android and Apple marketplaces that can help you make money off your household treasures without the hassle of setting up a yard sale. Options like LetGo and OfferUp can help you find buyers near you.

It all really depends on how much time and energy you have to devote to it. You can also use Facebook or Ebay – just snap some quick pictures of the items you’re ready to part with and simply keep an eye on your listings. If photography is a passion, you can sell your photographs to Shutterstock to start building a professional portfolio for bigger gigs down the line. You can even channel your talents and start your own Etsy store to share your gifts with the world. Find your calling and your audience and be your own boss. The only limit is your own imagination.