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Small Apps That Can Help You Save Big Bucks

April 26, 2019 | By Louis Tully

It’s no secret that life has gotten more expensive in recent years. Granted, the economy has improved significantly since the 2007 – 2008 financial crisis. But even so, things haven’t been the same. If you struggle to save, your phone (of all things) can help you stash away extra cash with ease. Here are just a few worth mentioning:


Want to save on everyday purchases? Who doesn’t? Dosh lets you do just that by offering up to 10 percent cash back on purchases from participating retailers. The best part about using an app like this is the savings happen automatically! Once you’ve added your primary card(s) to the app, the rest is on autopilot.

Every time you use your card at a participating store, Dosh matches a certain percentage of the purchase price and adds those funds to your Dosh account. Once you’ve accumulated $25, you can go ahead and cash out. It’s that simple!

A few things to point out though:

    • If you link your debit card to Dosh, be sure to run it as credit when you purchase from a participating retailer. Otherwise, you won’t get cash back for that purchase.
    • No matter how much you spend, you can only be rewarded up to $20 cash back per month.
    • Certain cards cannot be linked to Dosh such as; Discover cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, and department store cards.
    • Not everything works with Dosh. Check the Dosh app to find out which businesses near you are Dosh friendly.


You know those promo code fields at the end of every checkout page? When was the last time you were actually able to use one of them? Finding a promo code that really works is like looking for a needle in a haystack. People spend hours Googling promo codes and while a few are lucky enough to strike gold, most leave empty-handed.


Empower is a free mobile banking app that’s changing the way people do banking. It offers not only a 2 percent APY savings account, but also a 1 percent cash back reward on the first $1,000 you spend using their debit card. Plus, for every friend you refer, you get an additional 2 percent cash back on top of that!

But Empower offers so much more too:

    • Spending tracker: Empower will break down your spending habits for you, showing you how much you spend on bills, groceries, dining, and entertainment. Giving you a clearer picture of where your money is going every month, Empower helps you to steer your spending in the right direction.
    • Bill negotiation: Empower has partnered with BillShark and Gabi to analyzes and adjust your monthly subscriptions as well as your insurance premiums so you can get the most savings.
    • Credit analysis: Empower may not give you a full credit analysis, but it will help keep your credit on the right track by making you aware of how much available credit you have to spend. For those juggling multiple credit cards, this feature makes it especially easy to avoid overcharging.


Grab discounts at restaurants, movie theaters, spas, gyms, local stores, and more with Groupon. Groupon is one of the leading mobile apps people go to to save cash on their favorite products, goods, and services. It’s free to use and all the savings are right there in the palm of your hand.

Need to get your oil changed? There’s a Groupon for that. Need to save on groceries? There’s a Groupon for that too. Groupon is always updating their special offers and expanding their services through a variety of businesses; big and small. If you’re trying to save cash in a flash, Groupon is your go-to app.

Cash App

If you thought PayPal was the head honcho of the peer-to-peer payment arena, think again. Square, once an underdog in the industry, is now giving contending companies like Venmo, Zelle, and even Google Wallet a run for their money with their revolutionary Cash app. At first glance, the app’s interface immediately invites you in with a minimalist layout over an energizing green backdrop. Needless to say, anyone can use it, making it the perfect app to have on your phone so you can pay and be paid without a hitch.

So if saving money or paying down an installment loan is your goal this year, arming your smartphone with the above-mentioned apps could give you a leg up on the road to success. Remember, saving money is a process. It takes time, patience, and dedication. Always make good spending choices and be sure to keep everything on a budget. In time, your financial emergencies will die away as your savings continue to grow. Good luck and happy saving!