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Save Money – Connect to the Internet for Free

December 12, 2018 | By Louis Tully

Ever since the Internet made its way into consumers’ homes in the mid-90s, it’s become a necessary staple to have in any given home, like water and electricity. But most people don’t want to pay a high price for their Internet and would rather go to other lengths to avoid an ISP bill. If you’re here looking for an installment loan, chances are, you don’t want to have to shell out cash for Internet access either. Fortunately, there are some workarounds that are completely legal and safe to use. For free Internet, give some of these ideas a try!

Go to Places with Free Wi-Fi

One way to score some free Internet connectivity and do it legally is to hit up your local Starbucks! People are always bringing their laptops or tablets into coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, and even bars. It’s an easy opportunity to sit down, connect and get lost in a trance of free uninterrupted online bliss. So, if you have homework to do, emails to send, or YouTube videos to peruse, but lack household Internet, stopping in a local Wi-Fi hotspot is the perfect remedy.

Places that Offer Free Wi-Fi 24 Hours a Day

If you need to stay connected for an extended period of time, there are some places that offer free Internet access that are open 24/7. In this case, airports are a good go-to (assuming you live near one). Of course, you won’t be able to get past the security checkpoint without a boarding pass!

Accessing Free Internet at Home

Finding free Wi-Fi out in public isn’t hard these days. In fact, mostly all places have free Wi-Fi. Even grocery stores offer Wi-Fi for some reason. Finding free Wi-Fi at home, on the other hand, isn’t quite as easy unless your neighbor’s okay with you mooching off their Wi-Fi. Here are a few simple ways you could get some free Internet at the homestead without having to fork over cash every month:

  • Use your cellular network: If you already have a phone with a data plan, you could use your phone to generate a Wi-Fi hotspot right in your own home.
  • Dial-up: Both NetZero and Juno offer new customers up to 10 hours of free dial-up Internet. So, if gaming or video streaming is your goal, this offer might not be for you.
  • Ask your neighbor: When all else fails, you could always ask your neighbor if they can find it in their heart to give you the password to their Wi-Fi. If you’re already friends with your neighbor, getting free Internet this way may not be as hard as you think!

If saving as much money as you can is your priority right now, then it’s best to stick with the above ideas for Internet that won’t break your budget. But when you’re ready to set up your own private internet access at home, be sure to shop it around first! There are plenty of sales and new-customer promotions being offered right now that make Internet access not that costly after all.