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Save Money using Travel Credit Cards

June 15, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there’s no escaping just how expensive taking a trip can be. Even if you buy the cheapest airplane seat and hotel room, you’re looking at least at a few hundred bucks out of your wallet for just a few nights. And let’s be honest - the experience of traveling at that comfort level leaves a lot to be desired. If you travel regularly, it can seem like a never-ending nightmare.

This is why so many frequent travelers use credit cards devoted exclusively to making the experience of traveling more comfortable and affordable. So-called travel credit cards can save you money through frequent flyer miles, loyalty points, and even foreign transaction fees. As long as you use them responsibly (like you would with any loan be it a personal or installment loan) and pay them off in full each month, travel credit cards can be one of the most powerful money-saving tools out there.

Earn Money Back

Just as many airlines let you earn points each time you fly that you can later use for reduced ticket prices or even free trips, certain travel credit cards offer the same kind of incentive.

For each dollar you spend on an airplane ticket or gas, the travel credit card lets you earn points toward future expenses. And while not common, some will even give you cash back rewards when you make purchases from partner companies and brands. Just be sure to check the fine print of your particular card before buying, as not all cards offer this service.

Rental Car Insurance

Renting a car once you get to your destination is incredibly convenient: it lets you get around the area on your own instead of having to depend on public transportation or paying for taxis or Ubers. Often the expense of renting a vehicle prevents us from actually doing it, and we suffer through the experience of being without a car while traveling.

A travel credit card can help reduce that cost substantially. Some travel credit cards automatically cover the insurance on rental vehicles, saving you a little money and greatly increasing your peace of mind.

Foreign Transaction Fee

If you do a lot of traveling overseas, then you no doubt have had to deal with the headache and expense of exchanging currencies. You may have even tried to sidestep the whole issue by depending on your credit card for all your purchases, only to get hit with your card's foreign transaction fees.

Foreign transaction fees are exactly what they sound like: a fee your credit card company charges you each time you buy something out of the country. Luckily, dedicated travel credit cards usually forgo this fee automatically, so you won’t be spending more for simply being out of the country.