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Should You Discover New Sales This Columbus Day?

August 21, 2018 | By Louis Tully

Back in 2015, Amazon decided to celebrate its 20th anniversary with its first ever Prime Day, a day akin to Black Friday that would give Prime members exclusive access to unbelievably-low prices on select items. So, thanks to Amazon, July is now one of the largest shopping months of the year.

August is next in line with “back to school” sales and September brings us Labor Day sales events. Just when you thought you could finally keep your finances docked, Columbus Day approaches. Though the new upcoming sales might be tempting, is it really worth risking the need for installment loans? Perhaps not, but it might not be such a bad idea after all if it’s worth your while.

Plan Ahead for The Holidays

Typically, people tend to wait until just weeks before Christmas before even getting started on their shopping adventures. The problem with this is that by the time you’re ready to start shopping, all the really good deals already left the building a long time ago. Granted, there’s always Black Friday and Cyber Monday to take advantage of, but a majority of people’s Christmas shopping doesn’t start until those special shopping days have come and gone. Waiting until the last minute to get your holiday shopping done could end up costing you. So taking advantage of the big Columbus Day sales could be a good thing if your intention is to plan ahead.

Clearance, Clearance, Clearance

This Columbus Day, all of the stores will be clearing out their summer items to make way for the fall and winter. Now would be a good time to fill your cart and buy next year’s summer goodies. Of course, other products will be on sale too. In 2016, Sears offered up to 40% off big appliances during its Columbus Day sale. GAP offered customers an additional 35% off all purchases and even. Certain mattress store got in the game offering customers 50% on select mattress sets. There’s no doubt that this year’s Columbus Day sales will bring similar sales.

Plan Ahead

If the Black Friday rush isn’t for you, try to avoid it at all costs. Nothing is worth getting shoved and trampled on at Target at 5:00 AM. On Columbus Day, the sales may not be as deep-cut, but they’re still worth chasing. Plus, you can feel free to shop without all the craziness! Sales products are neatly stocked and readily available, nobody’s waiting in a line that goes out the front door and a lot of the Christmas stuff is out by now too. But hey, if you like the rush that only Black Friday can provide, have at it!