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To Loan or Not to Loan: Payday Loans for the Holidays?

December 18, 2018| By Ana Elliot

The holidays are coming to a close. We’re so close to Christmas and then it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to New Year’s! It’s been a whirlwind and if your pocket book is hurting, you might be looking forward to it all being over. It’s a hard time of year, to be sure.

All the gift-giving, parties, and food! And, it does no one any good that it all ends on the day rent and majority of bills are due: the first of the month! If you are feeling the blues and if your days off for the holidays are making a bad day even worse, you might be looking outside for some help. Maybe a payday loan? Well, let us walk you through the need-to-knows of payday loans!

What Is a Payday Loan

You probably know what a loan is but what exactly is a payday loan? Well, it’s a smaller loan that you take out against your next paycheck. They come along with higher interest rate and generally need to be paid back in fifteen days (when you should have your next paycheck) or within one to three months. wrote an article detailing how they work and broke it down quite well: “Take for example, On their payday loans page, they show that if you take out a $200 loan today, you’ll pay a finance change of $35.20, which is a whopping 458.86% APR! You have to pay the loan back at $235.20 in just 15 days. So, to have $200 today, costs you $235.20 in just 15 days” (read the whole article here). Interest rates and finance charges are often not presented upfront. Reputable lenders do let you know ahead of time, so just be sure to review the rates and fees carefully!

Disadvantages of a Payday Loan

As with any loan, there are drawbacks. As we mentioned above, there is high interest rates. Payday loans are meant to be short term solutions for things. You don’t want to have to pay that high interest rate any longer than you need to. If you take longer than the predetermined amount of time, the loan is rolled over and your interest compounded. Be very careful – most people do not pay back their payday loans in 15 days. That’s when they can really become detrimental.

What a Payday Loan Can Do for the Holidays

So, with the above drawbacks in mind, should you take a payday loan out to help fill the holiday gap? The answer is, maybe! It really depends on your situation. If you just need a quick fix to cover a few days you weren’t working (whether because of holiday time off or sick leave) or an unexpected expense arose (maybe your car needed new tires?), then a payday loan can help you. The first of the month is a hard time during any time of the year but most harsh coming off the end of the holidays.

Bridging that gap until your next pay period when you don’t have as many major bills due might be a great idea. Less of your paycheck will be going towards other bills and you would be more likely to pay it back in the allotted time. If this situation doesn’t sound like one you could swing, perhaps a payday loan for the holidays isn’t for you! Perhaps check out one of our signature installment loans!

If you are feeling strapped for cash as the holidays come to a close, you might consider a payday loan. Here is what you would need to know.