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Ugly Christmas Sweater Day: Celebrate in (Ugly) Style

November 20, 2018 | By Ana Elliot

It’s official: Christmas is upon us. It’s on the horizon, around the corner, dashing through the – Okay, okay, we’ll stop. You get the picture. As you prepare for the most magical season of all, you might be thinking of getting an ugly Christmas sweater or perhaps, busting out one you’ve had for a while. Nothing adds to the season like an ugly, obnoxious sweater worn with confidence!

Well, in that spirit, we’re here to tell you about an entire day dedicated to the ugly Christmas sweater! That’s right, there is an official Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! Read on to learn more on how to celebrate in style!

The History

Like many odd trends, the ugly Christmas sweater has its humble beginnings in television and movies. Some trace it all the way back to the Bill Cosby Show and his ugly sweaters while most look at Chevy Chase’s character in National Lampoon as the originator of the holiday ugly sweater. As a mainstream trend, it went in and out of popularity before getting its very own day: the 3rd Friday of December. And this year it’s on December 21st!

Get Your Sweater Celebration On

There are tons of ways to celebrate this quirky holiday! The first thing to get sorted out is making sure you HAVE an ugly Christmas sweater! If there isn’t one hanging conveniently in your closet, check out these quirky options from Etsy and Amazon. Once you’ve found yourself a good (ugly) sweater, perhaps think of holding an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

Save on Your Ugly Sweater Celebration

No need to spend a lot of money or take out an installment loan to throw a party! Ask your friends to bring themselves, their ugly sweaters, and some food and drinks. You can sit around listening to classic carols or perhaps watch one of your favorite Christmas movies, and at the end of the evening, everyone can vote on their favorite ugly Christmas sweater!

This year, Ugly Christmas Sweater Day also coincides with the Winter Solstice, so it’s the perfect time to double up on extra holiday goodness. Don’t know too much about the Winter Solstice? Check out this article to learn more about what it is and how it’s celebrated! No matter what or how you celebrate this year, Season’s Greetings, and Happy Holidays to you and yours!