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Upgrade Your Throne: Low-Flow Toilets and Why You Should Be Sitting on One

December 7, 2018 | By Ana Elliot

You probably spend a lot of time thinking about how you can save money. Most people are trying to get their budget in order and get more money set aside for tons of reasons: emergency budgets, travel budgets, and so on. You probably think about a lot of the normal things: eating out less, cutting out excess purchases, or switching to cash over card. But have you thought about something closer to home? Something you use every day? Something you spend time sitting on? If you read the title of the post, you know where I am going with this.

Your toilet! Have you done some thinking about your thinking throne? Well, perhaps it’s time to do so. In the spirit of that, we have some information for you on why you show go low-flow!

What Is a Low-Flow Toilet?

Before we start persuading you to make the switch, let’s get technical about what exactly a low-flow toilet is. Most older toilets used nearly 5 gallons to flush away all the mess. It was a torrential amount of water that did the job but also wasted water. In the late 1988s, Massachusetts was the first state to look at all the wasted water and decide to invest in low-flow options.

Following shortly after, in the 1990s, the EPA created a requirement that all new toilets use no more that 1.6gpf (gallons per flush). Since then, the new 1.6gpf toilets have gone through many iterations to make them efficient and good at cleaning out the toilets. Now, there’s even better 1.28gpf toilets that many states are requiring as the new maximum. These are now called high-efficiency toilets and have even been awarded by the EPA.

The Benefit of Low-Flow Toilets

So, you might already have guessed that one benefit of low-flow toilets is that they save on water which in turn could save you money! And you’d be right. Low-flow toilets are an investment that could help reduce your water usage for your toilets by a minimum of 20%! That can translate into $100 in savings on your water bill in a year. Over the lifetime of that new toilet, it’ll also pay for itself since it will save you around $2,000 in total.

If that isn’t a reason to upgrade your thrones, we don’t know what is. But, if you need more convincing, why not think of the environment. If you have an older home with older toilets, you could be using gallons upon gallons per flush every day, every time you use the bathroom. Low-flow toilets could help cut down on your environmental impact and that is nothing to sneeze at!

So, while you get ready for the New Year and make all sorts of resolutions about how you are going to save more money this year or if there is a bathroom renovation in your future, think about the porcelain thrones you sit upon in your daily life. They could not only help give your home an upgraded look but also help with those money resolutions! And if you need a little boost to get any renovations started, why not look into an installment loan! We’d be happy to help.