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What the Great Outdoors Can Teach You About Money

Saving money might seem impossible when you’re looking to an installment loan for financial help. But rest assured, it’s not impossible to save money, no matter what your current financial circumstances are. The best teacher in life experiences, and spending a few days in the great outdoors could be just the experience you need to show you how life can be lived and enjoyed without all the spending. Here are 7 money-saving lessons to be learned from a simple camping trip:

Saving Money Is Work

The first thing you should know about the principles of saving money is that it’s going to take a certain amount of effort on your part to make it happen. Nobody ever said saving money was going to be easy, but with a little self-discipline and dedication, stashing away cash will quickly become second nature. Start by setting up a basic budget based on your current income and go from there. Keeping track of where your money goes is the cornerstone to successful saving.

Saving Money Is Possible

In the case of camping in the great outdoors, you could always take the easy and expensive route and spend money on a hotel room. But with a little planning and sacrifice of creature comforts, you can camp the old-fashioned way for free. This holds true for many things in life, as the easy route is rarely the most affordable. The point is, savings are everywhere; you just need to be willing to make the effort to find it.

Saving Money Requires Sacrifice

Saving money means having to make some sacrifices when it comes to non-essentials in your life. Do you like to shop? Go to the movies? Go on vacations? All of these activities are fine in moderation, but if they’re regular parts your routine, you need to start recognizing the difference between wants and needs. Camping makes you learn to have fun in the great outdoors without these types of distractions. Read a book, take a walk or go for a swim. Replace your old ways of entertainment with new ones that don’t cost money.

Saving Doesn’t Mean Deprivation

One thing that should be made perfectly clear: saving money doesn’t mean depriving yourself. It doesn’t mean putting $500 in savings and leaving only $100 for yourself. Saving as little as $50 a month is perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended that you only set aside 10% of your income for savings. The rest is yours to spend on whatever you need. Camping isn’t supposed to feel like an episode of Survivor. You should make sure you have everything you need to enjoy yourself without any unnecessary distractions.

The bottom line is, saving money makes you feel better about yourself, and that is the motivation you need to stay on track. You’ll feel less unhappy when you stay in on a Saturday night instead of going out knowing that you’re saving for your future. Find new ways to entertain yourself while you’re at home. At the campsite, it’s easier to save money when all those costly entertainment options are no longer on the menu. Like learning to camp, saving can be hard at first, but soon enough, you’re a pro at setting up camp and living happily with what you have in front of you.