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Can I get an Online Personal Loan to Improve my Credit Score?

Many people turn to online personal loans from lenders such as Simple Fast Loans because they see the idea of a personal loan to build credit as a good idea. But is this possible?

Can you boost your credit score with a personal loan? The answer will depend on how you manage your finances.

Will an Online Personal Loan Improve Your Credit Score?

When considering a personal loan, you should take some time to research your current credit score. Simple Fast Loans will check your credit when you apply, but good credit is not necessary for approval. 

Furthermore, when they are managed responsibly, some personal loans can increase your credit score. If your loan repayments are made on time and cover the requested minimum payment, it is likely that you will see a credit score increase over time. Obviously, consistency is key. 

Of course, if you are unsure whether a particular loan from Simple Fast Loans will impact your credit score, a customer service representative at Simple Fast Loans can answer your questions about loan details or you can even use the live chat feature. 

The team at Simple Fast Loans is committed to ensuring that the loan inquiry process is as easy as possible. In addition, Simple Fast Loans believes that you should be able to get all the information you need “upfront” without any issues.

Other Ways You Can Use an Online Personal Loan

This is where the real benefits of an online personal loan from Simple Fast Loans come into play.

Many people will use their online personal loans from Simple Fast Loans to start paying down any debt. You may sometimes see this referred to as debt reconciliation. Let the experts tell you exactly how that process works.

Step 1: Making a List of Your Debts

Debt reconciliation is about paying off your debts as quickly as possible. You will do this using your personal loan. Once that debt has been paid off, rather than having several payments that you need to meet every single month, you only have a single payment in the form of your personal loan. 

For now, list all the ongoing debts you must pay each month. For example:

  • Credit card debt
  • Loan payments
  • Credit accounts with stores

It doesn't matter how big the debt is, note it down as a debt.

Step 2: Taking Out a Personal Loan

Once you have a list of your debts, you can consider getting a personal loan from Simple Fast Loans. There are a few options, so choose the one that is the right fit for you. It would be best if you were thinking about how much cash you needed to borrow to pay off your debts.

Remember, if you have massive debts, you may be unable to cover everything. The idea is that you cover as much debt as you can. Reducing your monthly payments even a little bit can work wonders for your finances and credit score.

You can apply for a personal loan on the Simple Fast Loans website. In minutes, you will often be told whether you have been approved for that loan.

Step 3: Paying Off as Much Debt as Possible

  • Once you have that cash, start to pay off your debts.
    • Try to cover the smallest debts first or those with the highest interest rates. For most people, getting their credit card debt covered will be a great start. This is going to have an almost instant impact on the credit score.
    • Remember, when you pay off debt, it will be noted on your score. So, in most cases, you will see a little bit of a bump. It may take a short while to happen, but it will happen.
  • Now that you have paid off some of that debt, the amount of cash leaving your account each month will be reduced. After all, you have combined all that existing debt into your monthly personal loan repayment. This will free up cash you can use to enjoy life and the extra money you currently have available to pay into your savings. Or, better yet, pay off more of your debt.


There are many reasons why people look for an online personal loan from Simple Fast Loans. But perhaps the biggest reason is the fact that borrowing cash will allow you to boost your credit score, whether directly or indirectly.

If you are interested in a loan from Simple Fast Loans, browse through the wealth of available personal loan options. No matter your situation, Simple Fast Loans is confident that there will be at least one option suitable for you. In addition, you could have access to cash in just a few hours. 

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