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15 Hotel Brands That Take Cash in 2024

Are you trying to stay in a hotel, but aiming to pay for the cost with cash? It’s often tricky to do this because not all hotels will allow you to pay for accommodation using cash, rather than a credit card. Let’s find out more about how this works.

Key Takeaways

  • Many hotels accept cash, but policies vary widely. Factors like location, security concerns, and individual hotel preferences can influence whether cash payments are accepted.
  • Smaller independent hotels, budget hotels, and international hotels are more likely to accept cash payments due to their diverse customer base and flexible payment options.
  • Always call ahead to confirm the hotel's payment policies. Have exact change ready, inquire about deposits, and consider alternative payment methods like payment apps, prepaid gift cards, or traveler's checks if cash isn't accepted.

Overview of Hotel Cash Payment Policies

We’re going to start by checking out how payment policies work at most hotels.

How Many Hotels Accept Cash?

It’s hard to estimate how many hotels accept cash, but many out there do. How many you can find will depend to an extent on the area you’re in, what hotel chains are available, and even local policies, so there’s quite a bit that determines whether you can find accommodation that accepts cash or not.

Key Factors That Determine Cash Acceptance

Quite a few things will affect whether or not a hotel will accept cash, including things like the hotel chain’s policy.

  • Location. Hotels in popular tourist locations often accept cash due to catering to a diverse range of guests. Business-heavy areas are more likely to accept cash as they frequently host out-of-town visitors, while quiet or high-end areas are less likely to accept cash.
  • Security Concerns. Areas with high-security concerns are unlikely to accept cash as credit cards offer more secure transactions and reduce the temptation for thieves.
  • Other Considerations. Individual hotel policies and preferences can also play a role in cash acceptance.

We recommend inquiring directly with hotels about their cash acceptance policies, as they can vary widely.

Looking for hotels that accept cash

Types of Hotels Most Likely to Accept Cash

There are a few kinds of hotels that are more likely to accept cash than other kinds, so let’s check these quickly.

Smaller Independent Hotels

Smaller independent hotels are a lot more likely to accept cash as payments, because they are not governed by corporate policy, and they often have more personalized approaches to their customers. They are flexible and will accommodate more payment options in most cases. They may even prefer cash payments because they don’t have to pay credit card processing fees.

Budget Hotels

Many cheap hotels will also accept cash payments, as they are aware that some of their customers will not have credit cards available. These hotels are focused on affordability, so will often be more flexible about payment options.

International Hotels

Because international hotels tend to cater to a more diverse range of customers, they need to offer various options, and that means many of them will take cash. They understand not all of their guests will want to use credit cards while traveling, for security reasons or to avoid high fees.

Not all international hotels will accept cash, however, so make sure you always check before you arrive at the hotel.

15 Hotel Chains That Accept Cash

Here are 15 hotel chains that usually accept cash payments. Policies change quickly so we wholeheartedly recommend calling the hotel before you go.

1. Best Western

Certain Best Western locations will accept cash, but not all of them do, so ask before you arrive.

2. Choice Hotels

Again, you may also be able to use cash to pay for a room at a Choice Hotel, as many of these locations do accept it. You can also join the Choice Hotels Point Plus Cash program, which will let you combine hotel points and cash when you book a stay.

3. Drury Hotels

You will need a valid photo ID and a credit or debit card to use cash at a Drury Hotel, but you can still use cash, and your card won’t be charged.

4. Extended Stay America

Some Extended Stay America locations will accept cash, but you’ll need to hand over $100 as a deposit to cover incidentals. You may also need a credit or a debit card so that the hotel can place a hold on it for your whole stay. You’ll get your deposit mailed back within 2 weeks of your departure, minus any additional charges.

5. Hilton Hotels & Resorts

If you are happy to put a major debit or credit card on file, the Hilton hotel group may accept cash, along with a $200 deposit at some locations. The hold will be released if you pay in full and don’t cause any damage to the room.

6. Hyatt Hotels

A Hyatt hotel may accept cash payment at the check-out, but you must have a credit card on file to cover any incidental damage.

7. IHG Hotels & Resorts

If you’re staying at a Holiday Inn or Candlewood Suites, you may be able to make a cash payment, as these are both owned by this group. There’s a $150 deposit, which you’ll get back after a room inspection has been undertaken. You will still need a credit card on file, however.

8. Marriott

Certain Marriot locations will accept cash, as long as you have a valid debit or debit card on file. You can also use your hotel points in combination with cash.

9. Microtel Inns & Suites

As long as you are older than 21, you can pay cash at certain Microtel locations. You will need to make a security deposit of around $200 and show some government-issued photo ID.

10. Motel 6

You may be charged an incidental deposit, but you can often pay cash for a room at a Motel 6 location. You’ll need a valid ID and a debit/credit card, which will have a hold placed on it.

11. Omni Hotels & Resorts

You can sometimes pay in cash at Omni hotels, with a $100 per day deposit for each day you plan to stay. You will probably also need a valid credit card on file.

12. Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts

You can pay cash upon departure at many Park Plaza places, but you will need a valid credit card when you reserve your room, and there will be a $75 incidental deposit, plus a hold for the total room charge.

13. Radisson Hotels

Certain Radisson Hotels will accept cash payment upon departure, again with a valid credit card placed on file when you check-in. A hold for the full amount will be placed on your credit card.

14. Red Roof Inn

If you are happy to pay the upfront $50 deposit for incidentals (either in cash or with a credit/debit card), you can sometimes use cash to cover a stay at a Red Roof Inn.

15. Super 8

You must pay a $250 incidental deposit if you want to avoid putting a credit card on file, but you can generally use cash to pay for a Super 8 room. If you do have a credit card on file, you can just pay a deposit of $100.

Tips for Paying Cash at Hotels

Below, you’ll find a few tips to ensure you can successfully pay for your hotel room in cash:

Call Ahead to Confirm

Calling ahead to confirm is always a good idea, particularly if you want to pay in cash. Although you can book your room online if you choose to, it’s better to speak to someone if you plan to use cash.

You should confirm with the member of staff that the hotel accepts cash payments, and what their requirements are. Remember to check whether you’ll need a debit or credit card on file, and ask about any required deposits.

Have Exact Change Ready

Having the right change can make a cash transaction go much more smoothly. If you have the right money available, you’ll find that you can pay smoothly and efficiently, and it won’t matter if the hotel doesn’t have much change available.

Ask About Deposits

It’s common for a hotel to require a deposit, especially if you plan to pay in cash. The deposit covers any damage you may do to the room, but will usually be refunded once the room has been inspected, provided there are no problems. If there are any problems, you won’t get the full deposit returned to you.

Alternatives If Cash Isn’t Accepted

If you can’t find a hotel that accepts cash, you might be wondering what your other options are. Not everybody has a debit or credit card available, or might simply prefer not to use them at the hotel. So, what are your options?

Checking Account

Yes, it is possible to pay for a hotel room with your checking account. Simply provide your account number and routing number to the hotel to secure your room. Make sure to check with the hotel's pollicies beforehand to know if they accept checking account payments or not.

Payment Apps

A payment app may be a good alternative to a credit or debit card. Apps like Apple Pay, Venmo, and PayPal make it easy for individuals to make payments from their mobile devices, and it’s easy to link these to your bank account. You can then perform seamless transactions at the hotel desk.

Prepaid Gift Cards

If you don’t want to travel with a credit or debit card, you might want to consider using a prepaid gift card. Many of these cards can be preloaded with money and then used at hotels for a wide range of payments. Prepaid gift cards are convenient and simple, and many people feel more comfortable using them.

Traveler’s Checks

In some cases, hotels will also accept traveler’s checks, and these may be appropriate if you’re traveling abroad. You can buy checks from currency exchange offices and banks, and they’re available in various currencies. They often have good security features, making them a good option if you don’t want to use a card and you don’t want to carry a large amount of cash.

You should always confirm in advance whether or not a certain payment method is acceptable to the hotel you’re planning to stay at, to minimize problems when you arrive.

Third-Party Booking Sites 

If none of the above suggestions work, you can use a third-party booking site such as,, or, and pay for your room in advance using PayPal.

Tips for Booking a Hotel with Cash

If you still want to book your hotel room with cash, you may be able to do so – you just need a few tips to help you find the right kind of hotel! Here is our advice on how to do this.

Look for 1-3 Star Hotels and Motels

Lower-rated hotels and motels are more likely to accept cash payments than high-end, luxury resorts. Some high-end places do accept cash as a courtesy to their customers, but this is less common.

Reserve Your Room by Phone

Booking by phone increases the chances of you being able to pay for the room in cash, so it’s worth doing this (rather than using online methods) wherever possible.

Book Through an OTA

Certain online travel agencies will offer more flexible payment options, and while you obviously can’t use cash online, you may find they have something that suits your needs.

Benefits of Paying for a Hotel with Cash

There are a few reasons that you might want to pay for a hotel with cash:

Credit Card Holds

If you don’t want the hotel to put a hold on your card, using cash can sometimes let you avoid this. Holds will sometimes be as much as $200 per night, and it can take up to 10 days from departure for the money to be returned to your account.

This can be a problem in some situations, especially if you need the money for something else in the near future, which is likely if you’re traveling. If you want to use a credit card but the hold is likely to be an issue for you, you might want to consider borrowing some money from Simple Fast Loans, so you’ll have some extra money in your account to cover this period.

No Credit Card

If you don’t have a credit card, you can’t pay for the hotel with it – in which case cash may be one of your only options. There are millions of Americans out there without bank accounts, and many who don’t have credit cards, meaning lots of people would rather use cash.


Using cash can sometimes make it easier to keep track of your budget, and if you’re on a trip, this might be particularly true. It’s easier to track your spending when you have a certain amount of cash available, rather than the more abstract process of tracking credit card numbers.

Why Hotels Don’t Want You to Use Cash

With all these good reasons to use cash, you may be wondering why some hotels prefer you not to do this – and there are a few reasons.

Incidental Charges

If you cause any damage to your room, use any items from the mini bar, smoke in a non-smoking room, or take something you shouldn’t, they can charge your card, but they can’t do that if you pay in cash. Cash is therefore less convenient for them.


Canceling last minute will often result in you being charged at least a cancelation fee, but hotels can’t do this if you plan to pay in cash and you don’t show up. This is why some will take cash as payment but will still require a credit/debit card on file; they will charge it if you don’t come.

Why Some Hotels Don’t Like Taking Debit Cards

Some hotels are reluctant even to take a debit card, and prefer guests to use credit cards. This is for similar reasons to cash; if your bank account is low on funds, they may not be able to charge you for any incidentals.

Related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For readers who want to pay cash for their hotel stay, here are some additional questions they may ask. 

Do Most Hotels Take Cash or Cards?

Pretty much every hotel will accept major credit and debit cards, but only some will take cash, and may still require a card on file.

Can You Put Cash Down for a Hotel Security Deposit?

This depends on the hotel. Some will accept cash for a security deposit, but others will require a card.

If Accepted, How Much Is a Hotel Cash Deposit?

This is also hotel-dependent; many charge between $50 and $200, but some may have a nightly deposit. Call to find out more before you book your room.

Why Do Hotels Require a Credit Card on File?

Hotels often require a credit card on file because it lets them charge for any incidentals, mini bar usage, and more. Even if they are happy to accept cash in payment for the room, they can charge any no-shows or damages to the card, which reduces their risk.

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