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Household items to sell for quick cash at a garage sale.

The 18 Best Items to Sell for Fast Cash

When you need cash, one of the quickest ways to get your hands on some extra funds is to sell some of your possessions on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. While most of the items you have kicking around your home will sell without too many issues, some things will command top dollar and often sell quickly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quality collectibles and trading cards can fetch good cash, but consider specialized online platforms like eBay for higher prices.

  • Gently used children's clothes and baby items in good condition are in demand, providing an opportunity to make sales.

  • Despite streaming, physical media still sells; try secondhand shops, video game shops, or resale websites like Decluttr.

  • Graduates can earn cash by selling expensive college textbooks through specialized websites or independently.

  •  If you're crafty, turn your handmade goods into cash by selling them on online marketplaces or creating your own website.

18 Household Items You Can Sell For Quick Cash

You can sell many items in your home to earn extra cash. The price and value vary, but you can still make money. From pawn shops to online auctions, take a look at these eighteen items you can sell for quick cash today.

  1. Collectibles

People love collectibles and memorabilia. If you have quality collectibles, you should be able to make sales quickly and often make a decent amount of cash.

The only problem with selling this type of item is that you typically won't get the highest price by selling through Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Instead, search for more specialized online locations or use something like eBay. 

Of course, make sure that you do a little bit of research beforehand. This way, you will know precisely what you are selling and how much you should be able to get for it.

  1. Old Electronics (Including Phones)

You can make a lot of money and score fast sales if you have old electronics, including radios, TVs, and game consoles. You could make hundreds of dollars if you thumb through any old devices you no longer use.

The real big sellers here, however, will be phones. Even phones that are a couple of years old and broken could still sell. If you are the type of person who replaces their phone every year, you may be sitting on a little goldmine. 

  1. Furniture In Good Condition

Don't give away furniture that you are actively using here. However, you can sell it online if you have a dining table that rarely gets used or an extra sofa. Also, you can hunt through any spare room. For example, a lot of people have beds that they can sell.

The one caveat here is that the furniture must be in good condition. For example, you must ensure that your furniture comes from a smoke-free home, preferably pet-free.

You may run into the issue of delivery. So, if you want people to purchase furniture from you, you should clarify that you will only sell to people who can arrange pick-up. Of course, some people will try to haggle with you or get a discounted price because they must come to you. However, stand firm. We assure you that, sooner or later, somebody will be along to pick up that furniture from you.

  1. Children's Toys

Children's toys in good condition are always great sellers. If your child has outgrown their toys, try selling them online. You will probably pick up a decent number of sales. Parents love to buy toys for their children, but sadly, their costs can put them out of the financial range for many new parents.

  1. Tools

Whether designed for DIY or professional users, old tools can always command a reasonable price. Please make sure that they are of good quality, though. People will buy low-quality tools from you, but most will prefer decent tools from big-budget brands.

Power tools will likely be the biggest sellers here. However, good hand tools that could get a lot of use, e.g., chisels, hammers, etc., could also be great sellers.

  1. Cars

If you have a car that you want to get rid of, selling it will net you a nice sum. There are different options you can use to sell your car. You can park the car and put a ‘For Sale’ sign out front. Just be sure you are asking for a fair value price. Or you can list your car on websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. 

Another route is to use a service that will buy your used or junk car. Places like Carvana and CarMax will buy your car and pick it up. It could be a less stressful way to sell your car.

  1. Sports and Fitness Equipment

If you have some home gym equipment you are not using anywhere near as much as you had hoped or planned to use, it may finally be time to sell it. It will free up a lot of space, and you will also make some cash. People love discount fitness equipment, and we have never seen it sell anything but fast.

Again, this is the sort of thing that you will probably need to have people arrange to pick it up. Unless you have a trailer, it will likely be too big or bulky to move around.

  1. Children's Clothes

Children's clothes are another big seller; if you have children's clothes sitting around your home, you will know why. Children outgrow their clothes incredibly quickly, so you don't want to spend buckets of cash replacing them. You can pick up a few sales if the clothes are in reasonably good condition.

  1. Baby Items

Baby items such as cribs, baby clothing, and some baby clothes will sell very well for cash. Baby bouncers and toys that are in good condition are also going to be huge sellers.

  1. Outdoor Furniture, Toys, and BBQs

Any outdoor furniture and toys, like children's swing sets and BBQs, can sell well. However, if you want the most significant chance of making serious cash with outdoor items, you should try selling them during the summer.

  1. Trading Cards

Most trading cards are worthless. However, if you have been collecting trading cards for a while (mainly Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and sports cards), you may find some cards that can make you cash in the mix. However, you may have to skip selling them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Instead, look for specialized online stores.

  1. Jewelry 

Watches, rings, and vintage items are all high sellers. There are multiple options for where you can sell your jewelry. You can try online marketplaces, such as Facebook or Etsy. A pawn shop is another option you can try. However, you can’t set your price at a pawn shop. If you have broken gold or silver jewelry, some jewelry stores will still buy it. Look for places that advertise that they buy gold.

  1. Gift Cards

If you have unused gift cards that are not expired, you can turn them around for cash. If you search online, you will find multiple sites where you can sell your gift cards. Sites like CardCash and GameFlip make it easy to unload your gift cards. Both digital and physical ones are accepted.

  1. DVDs and CDs

It is the age of streaming, but plenty of people still watch physical media. Secondhand shops and video game shops will often buy them from you. You can also try resale websites like Decluttr. For Decluttr, all you need to do is make an account, scan in the bar codes on your items, and you will get a price. Just be aware that you may not get a huge amount for your items.

  1. Video Games and Consoles

Video games and consoles, old and new, are highly resellable. Newer games and consoles are easily sold online through marketplaces, or you can use something like Amazon Trade-In, where Amazon purchases your used electronics and games. Simply input the item's barcode, review the offered amount from Amazon, and, if satisfied, accept the offer. Once accepted, print the free shipping label that Amazon has provided and send your item in to get an Amazon gift card in return.

Explore online platforms like eBay for potential sales for older games and gaming consoles. Original, vintage gaming systems, in particular, hold significant value for collectors. There is a possibility you can get a great deal for your old games and system.

  1. Home Decor

Shopping for brand-new home decor can be expensive. Your home decor could be a hidden goldmine if it's in good shape. You can sell items like your old rugs, decorative pillows, and statues to a willing buyer. Try online marketplaces or having a yard sale.

  1. College Textbooks

If you have recently graduated college, you could be sitting on some cash if you still have your textbooks. College textbooks are expensive. It can be hard for college students to have the funds to buy them. Selling your old textbooks can save them money and earn you cash. You can go through websites that buy and sell textbooks or just sell them on your own.

  1. Your Handmade Items

If you have crafting skills, you can turn your creations into money. People love handmade goods. Find an online marketplace or create your own website to start selling your items. Some popular items include candles, knitted clothes, jewelry, and decorative items. 


It’s time to declutter your life and make some money on the side. Remember, we only scratched the surface of items you can sell for cash here. There will undoubtedly be countless items around your home that you can sell for quick cash. Just do some research and start selling. 

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