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A couple relaxing in a beach town

Top 15 Most Affordable Beach Towns in the US

If you're considering purchasing property in the United States, beach towns offer an alluring prospect, promising sand, surf, sunshine, and sometimes, remarkably affordable real estate. While not everyone can afford a beachfront property, there are surprisingly inexpensive options available.

It's crucial to keep in mind that over time, the prices of real estate in these coastal paradises can vary significantly depending on a variety of variables, including market trends, seasonal demand, and regional economic conditions. Understanding these fluctuations can help you make the most informed decisions when exploring the real estate market in beach towns across the country.

Key Takeaways

  • While beachfront properties are often seen as luxurious and expensive, there are several beach towns in the United States with surprisingly affordable real estate options.
  • Each beach town has its own unique charm and attractions, from cultural and historical sites to outdoor activities and natural beauty. Whether you're looking for a vibrant nightlife scene or peaceful waterfront living, there's a beach town that can cater to your preferences and budget.

A couple buying a beach house

1. Port Arthur, Texas

If you love culture, history, and nature all blended together, Port Arthur is an excellent place to go. You can enjoy all the best that the sea offers, with boating, fishing, and windsurfing all on offer, allowing you to make the most of the ocean. There is a manmade island called Pleasure Island, plus museums and plenty more. 

It’s a place to fall in love with, and with very low home costs, it’s definitely a good choice.

Median Home Price: $84,837

2. Freeport, Texas

If you’re somebody who wants to spend a lot of time outdoors, you may want to look at Freeport, Texas, which is close to Houston and all that it offers. The town itself has many acres of wetlands and is home to the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, with a great deal to offer in terms of flora and fauna. There are trails to hike and you can also take a car out there too.

Median Home Price: $122,312

3. Atlantic City, New Jersey

For those keen casino players, Atlantic City might be a dream place to live – and it’s cheaper than many of the alternatives. You can enjoy all kinds of arcades and shops, plus rides and good food. There are also nightclubs and concerts galore, plus other live entertainment, and vast beaches from which you can bask in the beauty of the ocean.

Median Home Price: $185,000

4. Newport News, Virginia

With 32 city parks, Newport News has plenty to offer to visitors, and you can camp, fish, golf, and even take part in activities such as archery. There are 30 miles of hiking trails to be enjoyed, and you can also rent bikes and helmets if you want to take up cycling. You can catch trout and croaker, and there’s a small beach near Hilton Pier.

Median Home Price: $200,000

5. Gulfport, Mississippi

If you want to live somewhere larger with lots going on, Gulfport is a place to consider. It has so many activities, there’s pretty much something for everybody. You can buy fancy cocktails, and stroll out onto the waterfront entertainment district.

There’s public art everywhere, and more exciting activities like zip-lining to be had, where you can enjoy the beauties of the forest from a height. Alternatively, you can take a boat out to the scenic Ship Island, or get a fishing boat and see what you can catch.

Median Home Price: $224,900

6. Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Ocean Springs is a beautiful place for those who love history. It is filled with ancient oaks and brick buildings. There are three different entertainment districts, so there’s plenty to do, and this is an amazing city, full of artistry and creativity.

The town also hosts many festivals, including the largest fine arts festival in Mississippi, and it is rich with charm and energy. Creative types will fall in love with the beauty it offers, and the vibrancy that courses through the streets. There are great schools here, and the weather is often tropical, making it the perfect setting for enjoying the beach.

Median Home Price: $243,412

7. Daytona Beach, Florida

Known for hosting one of the most famous NASCAR races in both its winter and summer, this place pulls in thousands of tourists, but it’s also very wonderful to live in. It has one of the oldest lighthouses in the US, the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse. It also houses one of the world’s most famous beaches, where you can laze around in the sunshine and enjoy the rays.

You can also visit the Kennedy Space Center if you’re a space enthusiast – and it has some incredible sights to offer. Alternatively, if you’re a major Disney fan, you’ll be pleasingly close to Orlando. That means there’s something for everyone in this amazing place, and it’s a wonderful spot to buy a home.

Median Home Price: $256,550

8. New London, Connecticut

A beautiful seaport city, this is home to a vast number of amenities, including an incredible performing arts center, which has amazing displays on offer. There are colleges galore, plus some wonderful beaches to enjoy the sunshine from.

It’s located on the Thames River and opens out to Long Island Sound, where there are many amenities that you can enjoy.

Median Home Price: $257,000

9. Corpus Christi, Texas

Filled with things to do, Corpus Christi attracts both tourists and residents constantly – and it’s an incredible place to live. Whether you love fishing, skating, or birdwatching, you will find opportunities galore. There are also many kinds of wind sports, such as kiteboarding, sailing, wing foiling, windsurfing, and much more.

It’s an amazing place to live, and it offers plenty in the way of schools and educational institutes. Many sports are played here, including ice hockey, baseball, rugby, soccer, and far more. It’s also close to King Ranch, where the movie Giant was based, so if you’re a film nut, that’s another big attraction.

The house prices are certainly higher than in some of the other beach towns we’ve looked at, but the amenities make it all worthwhile.

Median Home Price: $289,948

10. Deerfield Beach, Florida

Florida is already known for its beaches and beauty, but Deerfield Beach is a town that should certainly be considered – and not just for its sparkling white sands and the incredible Atlantic waters that lap around its shores. Again, it’s higher in price than some of the others we have looked at, but it has so much value to offer that it’s worth it.

It really lives up to its romantic name, and if you’re a nature lover, this is the place to be. The town won the Blue Wave Beach award due to its incredible beach conditions, habitat conservation policies, safety services, and more. The coastline boasts incredible views and fishing, and there is a water sports park. The weather is temperate and this is an idyllic place to live.

Median Home Price: $297,138

11. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If South Carolina appeals more, Myrtle Beach is one of the most wonderful places you can buy a home. It offers all you could want in terms of temperature, scenery, and breathtaking beaches that are almost dream-like. The tourist season alone speaks for this town’s popularity, and it has all that you could want.

There are plenty of stores, plus some incredible bars and restaurants. Even if you live here, you’ll have something new to try almost every day, and with the incredible weather, you can spend pretty much all year outside, enjoying yourself.

Median Home Price: $301,846

12. Grand Isle, Louisiana

With the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Festival, you can be sure that Grand Isle is a quirky, unusual place to live, and it’s saturated with culture. It entices fishermen from around the world because of the vast numbers of different fish that can be caught here. There’s the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, a fishing tournament that has been held since 1928.

The beaches are stunning, too, and very well looked after. There’s a local surf club where you can rent out surfboards and get lessons, so if you want to take to the water, you can do so in style. There aren’t many places in Louisiana where you can surf – so make the most of it!

Median Home Price: $309,500

13. Coos Bay, Oregon

Home to the Egyptian Theater, the Coos Art Museum, the Coos Bay Iron Works, and the Coos Historical & Maritime Center, Coos Bay is an incredible place to live, with lots to offer. There’s also the Oregon Coast Music Festival, where you’ll see national and international artists, as well as the Blackberry Arts Festival.

You certainly won’t want for entertainment here, and it’s a stunning place to live!

Median Home Price: $319,282

14. Swansboro, North Carolina

If you want to live somewhere quiet and picturesque, Swansboro could be the perfect new home for you. It has an amazing historic downtown district that is filled with galleries, boutiques, and waterside parks where you can stroll and enjoy the scenery.

There are dozens of activities to enjoy, including boating, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and more. There’s also a maritime forest and miles of stunning beaches to fall in love with – and if you’re keen on seafood, your heart will be stolen by the Mullet Festival.

Median Home Price: $322,288

15. Crescent City, California

An incredible place if you want to go whale watching, Crescent City is attracting new residents all the time, and it’s a pretty affordable place to live compared with many beach towns. Water sports and hiking are aplenty, it has a gorgeous park that you can visit year-round, with some stunning redwoods 20 miles of hiking trails, and the opportunity to kayak and snorkel. Living here is like a dream come true!

Median Home Price: $329,000

Purchasing property in a beach town can offer a unique blend of relaxation, recreation, and affordability. While prices can fluctuate, exploring these coastal paradises can lead to discovering a hidden gem that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Whether you're drawn to the rich history of Port Arthur, the outdoor adventures of Freeport, or the entertainment options of Atlantic City, there's a beach town out there waiting to welcome you home.

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