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Person reviewing their credit card debt looking for a personal loan to help.

The Best Personal Loans for Credit Card Debt

Mounting credit card debt can feel like a never-ending struggle for payments. Despite making on-time payments every month, the balances never seem to go down. So, what are the best personal loans to rid yourself of mounting credit card debt?

Using a personal loan to erase your credit card debt can relieve you from the feeling of never-ending payments. It will help consolidate your credit cards into one simple payment with a set schedule to repay the money. It can also help improve your credit score. Paying off multiple loans and improving your debt ceiling will positively impact your overall credit score.

 Below, we will look at the best personal loans available to help you recover from credit card debt.

Credit Card Debt

Credit cards can be difficult to pay down. High inflation and the rising costs of goods and services may leave you with less and less money at the end of the month. This can lead to increased use of credit cards to survive each month, continually putting you further into debt with no sign of relief.

Having multiple credit card balances makes getting out of credit card debt seem hopeless. However, securing a personal loan to pay down your credit card debt may be the answer you are looking for. Personal loans can help with the struggle of repaying high credit card debt.

Advantages of Personal Loans

Below, we will look at some of the advantages of taking an unsecured personal loan to eliminate your credit card debt and put you on the track to financial freedom.

Reduction of the Number of Payments

If you use your personal loan to repay numerous credit cards, you can reduce the total number of payments each month. This can reduce the total amount you have to pay each month. As a result, consolidating multiple credit card payments will be much easier on your wallet.

Combining the debt into one manageable payment can often save you money each month over multiple payments to many different credit sources.

Improving your Credit Score

Using a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt will help improve your credit score. Paying off your credit cards will help your score by showing that you can satisfy the debt you have taken on. Your credit score will improve when you show you can make timely payments and satisfy the terms of the debt you have taken.

Raising Your Debt Ceiling

Using a personal loan and repaying the debt you have taken on will help you improve your debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is the amount of money you can borrow according to your income. When you are close to the limit on your credit cards, you will have less and less borrowing power.

 If there were an emergency where you found you needed to borrow money for an unexpected expense, you may not be able to secure the money you would need. Keeping your balances low on any credit card will enable you to tackle unexpected expenses or emergencies quickly and easily.

Available for Any Credit Type

Another big advantage of personal loans is that they are available for any credit type. Therefore, if you have not had the best credit history, that will not prevent you from being able to obtain an unsecured personal loan. In addition, lenders are willing to work with people who have had past problems with their credit.

They can help you find the best personal loan to help you take the first steps to improve your credit and point your finances in the right direction.

Set Payment Schedule

The final benefit of a personal loan is that it has a fixed monthly payment and payment schedule. The payment on credit cards can fluctuate depending on the amount of money that is due on the credit card. Personal loans are for a set loan amount and set payment schedule. They take the guesswork out of wondering what your payment will be.

 Personal loans also have no penalty for early repayment. They do not charge you extra for exceeding the loan terms and paying it off early.

The Best Personal Loans for Credit Card Debt

Simple Fast Loans has everything we have mentioned above in one loan package. You can get a loan decision quickly with us. Additionally, you can apply online for personal loans from $200 to $3,000. All loan applications are done online, and there are no penalties for paying off your loan early. 

We do not have hidden fees, and we set the loan terms upfront. No collateral is required, and as their name says, the decision on your loan application is made fast. Approved loans are funded that day if the application is completed by 2 p.m. and the next day if it is processed after 2 p.m. Our company makes the loan process simple, fast, and confidential.   


Applying for a personal loan online to tackle your credit card debt can help you get your finances under control. Personal loans will help you reduce the total number of payments you must make. They can also help improve your credit score, as paying off your credit cards will positively impact your credit score by showing you can satisfy your debt.

Personal loans are available to individuals with any credit type. If you have had credit problems in the past, you may still be eligible to secure a personal loan and get your finances pointed in the right direction for the future. In addition, there are never any fees or charges to pay off your personal loan early.

If you determine a personal loan is right for you, contact our agents at Simple Fast Loans today to start on the road to financial freedom.

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