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26 Best Remote Jobs for Teens Online

In today’s world, finding a well-paying job as a minor can be as simple as turning your computer on.

You can start earning money right now by becoming a freelancer, a tutor, taking online surveys, testing apps, creating content, or reviewing ads, but there are a few important things about online jobs that you would have to consider.

What platforms allow 13-year-olds to legally make money? And how will you be receiving your hard-earned cash? You’ll find all the answers below.

Key Takeaways

  • Teenagers over 18 can legally generate income through a variety of online opportunities, ranging from tutoring and playing games to freelance work like content creation, writing, or reviewing products.
  • It is essential to adhere to age restrictions on different platforms and maintain open communication with parents to ensure a safe and secure online working environment.
  • Online jobs offer teenagers financial flexibility, allowing them to earn anywhere from $2 to $25 per hour based on the chosen tasks. However, this newfound financial independence comes with the responsibility of balancing work commitments with school duties. 

26 of the Best Online Remote Jobs for Teens

1. Flip Products Online

Doing 10–20 hours of flipping per week can potentially bring you $500–$3,000 per month, but only if you have a good eye for deals. Some people might not earn anything on flipping, so you would have to keep that in mind before starting.

The actual process is quite simple. You would first have to find an item to flip (on garage sales, thrift stores, or even AliExpress) and then list that item on your platform of choice (eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace). 

The job also includes taking well-lit photos and writing detailed descriptions, as well as securely packaging the items and shipping them promptly.

2. Play Games

With MyPoints, you can earn rewards for playing free online games, trivia, bingo, and more. You can earn up to 4 points for a game and then redeem them for gift cards from Target, Sephora, Starbucks, eBay, and others.

The app is available to anyone over the age of 13, however, you might need your parents’ consent, if you are below 18.

3. Become a Tutor

If there is a subject that you’re extremely good at, you can use your knowledge and communication skills to make money.

Tutorpeers, for example, is open to teenagers to tutor. They don’t require any previous experience and you’ll immediately receive all the resources needed to become a great tutor.

You need to have a Stripe account to register (you can sign up if you’re 13 years old or older). After that, you’ll get to set the session price, and then you can start receiving bookings from learners. Overall, you might earn about $8-$14 per hour.

4. Become a YouTuber

There is no minimum age requirement to create your own YouTube channel. However, to receive your money, you would have to get your parent or guardian to sign up for an AdSense account, and then connect it to your YouTube account.

You, most likely, won’t earn anything in at least 6-12 months, but if you’re willing to invest your time in creating cool content regularly, then, at one point, your efforts might get paid off.

5. Take Online Surveys

To get paid for taking online surveys, you would have to fill out some information about yourself and then get qualified for a survey. You would typically get paid anywhere between $0.40 and $2 to complete a survey, that’s why it’s recommended to register an account on different apps.

If you’re 13 and over, you can register on:

6. Writer

If you have a passion for writing and your grammar is on point, then you can become a content writer or copywriter. If you know a second language, you can also earn money by translating texts.

You can find writing jobs on such websites as Fiverr (you are permitted to use the site through an account owned by an adult). The minimum amount you’ll be able to make from one order is $5.

7. Proofreader

As a proofreader, you would have to make sure that the grammar, spelling, and other details of the text are tuned up before the piece gets published.

Upwork users list plenty of proofreading jobs regularly, but you would have to ask an adult to create an account for you.

8. Review Music

If you adore listening to music and you’re quite knowledgeable on the subject, you might choose to become a teenage music reviewer. You would get paid to provide in-depth, honest critiques of the singer’s or band’s work.

You can earn between $0.01 and $0.20 per review on such websites as Slicethepie.

9. Enter Data

A data entry role involves entering data from various sources (spreadsheets, papers, etc.) into the computer system. The skills you’ll need for this job include a good typing speed, typing accuracy, and basic software knowledge.

You can easily find such a gig on freelancing websites, and you would typically be able to earn $10-$20 per hour.

10. Review Phone Calls

Freelance call reviewers get paid to listen to recorded calls and then answer a few simple questions.

Beginners might earn only a few cents for short calls, but there is typically a lot of work available. To get started, you can ask one of your parents to use their PayPal account to register on Humanatic.

11. Become a Voice Over Artist

You would have to buy a nice microphone for this one and download recording software. After that, create samples of your voice. Ideally, you would want to have at least a few samples of you doing different things, like reading a book, promoting an item, and acting, for example.

Though teenagers can become professional part-time voice actors, you can start by landing a few gigs on freelancing websites.

12. Sell Original Products

If you’re an amazing baker, you may choose to start selling your goods through Facebook or Instagram. You can take care of the baking process and the photos, while one of your parents will be legally receiving the payments.

13. Design and Sell Merchandise

If you like creating designs that can be used on stickers, clothes, bags, etc., then you might want to try selling your art on such platforms as Redbubble. Though one of your parents would have to register the account for you, it might be worth a try.

Simply upload your favorite designs, and people might start buying products with your artwork printed on them.

14. Become a Customer Service Representative

This might be the perfect job for extroverts who are over 16 years old. As a customer representative, you will be responsible for helping people with their queries and questions (don’t worry, the employer typically provides training for different situations).

You might be able to earn about $16 per hour, but bear in mind that, in the majority of cases, this would be an actual half-time job that doesn’t offer a lot of freedom.

15. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re a well-rounded person who can pick up new skills quickly, then this job might be the right fit for you. You would typically be asked to schedule meetings, proofread texts, and do all sorts of small tasks for someone else.

On average, virtual assistants across the US earn $15.50 per hour. You can find relevant job postings on freelancing websites.

16. Test Products

Swagbucks allows you to earn money by testing different products at home. You can get paid in cash or gift cards, and you’ll typically get to keep the product sample that you have been reviewing.

17. Become a Content Creator

Millions of brands are constantly looking for people who can create beautiful photos and videos of their products. You can always reach out to a company that you like with a proposal or tag them in the photos taken by you.

Though such a job won’t immediately bring you money, it might become a great first step in your content-creating journey.

18. Become a Brand Ambassador or Influencer

You can typically become a brand ambassador once you manage to gather an impressive following on your social media accounts. After that, you can start sending brands direct messages or email pitches. You can also engage with the brand’s Instagram account and tag them in your photos.

If your content is fun and unique, you might soon land your very first brand deal.

19. Test Apps

Such websites as Userytics will pay you to test various features that some of the most well-known brands are working on. You will only need your computer and microphone to start earning between $5 and $90 per test.

20. Transcribe Video and Audio Clips

If you have a high-quality set of headphones and if you’re attentive to details, you can choose to work with 1888typeitup (you need to be over 14). You would be paid at least $30 per audio hour to create a written copy of the recorded speech.

21. Do Market Research

Market researchers gather data and study other information to help a company promote its services.

You can find plenty of companies looking for online market research participants by doing a simple Google search. And the best part is that a lot of them are ready to work with teens who are over 14 years old.

22. Review Ads

MyPoints and Swagbucks can help you make money and earn points by watching ads. To get the most out of the apps, register in all of them and complete daily tasks regularly. And don’t forget to grab the welcome bonus!

23. Sell Your Photography

If you can take beautiful photos and you’re looking for an online job, then uploading your work to a stock photos website might be the way to go. You would have to ask an adult to create an account, and you will get paid $0.10-$5.80 every time someone downloads your image.

24. Become a Graphic Designer

If you’re good at creating logos, illustrations, webpages, or animations, then start looking for a graphic design gig – you’ll find plenty of those on such freelancing websites as Upwork and Fiverr.

25. Create Crafts and Sell on Etsy

As long as you have the permission of your parents or your guardian, you are allowed to sell on Etsy starting from the age of 13.

You can earn a small fortune on your creations if you’re an experienced DIYer who makes jewelry, stickers, bath and beauty products, clothes, or any other handmade products.

26. Become a Vocal Creator

Anyone over the age of 13 can become a Vocal creator. The all-in-one platform is a place where you can share your stories, build an audience, and earn money along the way.

Simply create a story about something you're passionate about, add photos, videos, and music, and get paid by the platform for the engagement your stories receive. For every 1,000 views, you will earn $3.80.

Embracing the vast possibilities of online work opens up a lot of opportunities for teenagers, offering avenues to earn money legally. From tutoring to testing apps, the array of options caters to diverse interests and skills. However, it's crucial to navigate the landscape wisely, adhering to age regulations and considering the balance with academic responsibilities.

The potential income, ranging from $2 to $25 per hour, reflects the flexibility of these opportunities. As teens explore the digital job market, involvement and communication with parents play a pivotal role, ensuring both guidance and protection in this evolving landscape.

Can You Make Money Remotely Online Legally as a Teenager?

You can certainly legally earn money remotely online if you’re still a minor, but bear in mind that some websites will not allow you to register unless you’re 16 or 18, while others might allow you to use an adult’s account with the permission of the account holder.

In any case, it is advised to spend some time learning more about the platform’s regulations before registering. 

Labor Laws and Remote Jobs for Teens

The minimum age for employment is 14. And though there are quite a few online jobs that 13-year-olds can do, you would have to double-check the laws in your area regarding child labor.

Furthermore, according to federal law, 14- and 15-year-olds cannot work more than 8 hours per day, and no more than 3 hours on a school day. Minors also cannot legally work before 7 AM and after 7 PM, so make sure to bear that in mind when submitting your online work.

Though it might be practically impossible to tell exactly how many hours a child has been working if it’s an online job, checking your state’s Child Labor Standards would be a great idea in any case.

How Much Money Can You Make At Home Online as a Teenager?

An online job can bring you anywhere from $2 to $25 per hour. With online jobs, the sky is the limit of how much you're able to earn. Anyone, including teenagers, can earn as much or as little as they want.

Simply make sure that the client you’re working with is trustworthy and that you still have enough time to take care of your school duties.

Below, you will discover approximate sums that you might be able to earn depending on the job that you decide to choose. Remember that you’re not limited to just one job, so if you have enough time, you can easily end up completing a few different tasks on a daily basis.

How Do You Receive Money from Remote Jobs Online?

Always keep your parents in the loop. They will not only protect you from online scams, but will also help you set up a business account and, ultimately, receive your payments.

To get paid for your work, you would typically be required to set up a PayPal or a bank account.

Most banks allow the parent or guardian to open an account on behalf of the minor or as a co-owner.

PayPal does not allow individuals under the age of 18 to open an account. However, you can legally use the account of your parents with their permission.


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