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How to get $500 from a pawn shop

What Can I Pawn for $500?

People needing extra money fast consider pawn shops. It is an easy option in most cities if you have something of value. What can I pawn to get $500 fast? It isn't always easy to get $500 for one item, but there are things that pawn shops look for and will loan you money using those things as collateral. 

What Is Pawning and How Does It Work?

Pawn shops do two things: they will buy an item or they will issue pawns on items. Pawns are useful for people who want to keep their items but need quick cash. A pawn is a loan that is secured with the item. You leave the item at the pawn shop until you repay the loan.

A pawnbroker will look at an item and determine how much the shop can loan. It will loan you money and determine how much you must pay monthly to keep the shop from selling the item. The shop will hold your item and return it to you once you pay the loan in full. 
You can pay off the pawn at any time.

Pros and Cons of Pawning Things

Of course, pawning anything has its pros and cons.

  • Pros are that you can get fast cash and that a pawnshop will accept almost anything as a pawn. Those with bad credit can get a pawn because there are no credit checks.
  • Cons are that the value of your item is going to be extremely deflated, and you may lose whatever you pawn.

If you are contemplating pawning an item that you care about, an unsecured loan may be a better alternative. At Simple Fast Loans, we provide online installment loans between $200 and $3,000, and we offer flexible, easy repayment. 

The best part is you don't have to go to a shop to get your loan. You can apply online in three easy steps. All you need to do is fill out the online application, and your loan decision will be made in minutes. Money for those approved will be deposited into your account by the end of the next business day.

What Are the Most High-Demand Pawnable Items?

Whether you're looking to convert unused treasures into cash or seeking a short-term loan, understanding what pawnshops crave can significantly enhance your pawnshop experience.

  • Jewelry with gemstones. Sparkling with allure, jewelry adorned with precious gemstones tops the list of high-demand pawnable items. From dazzling diamonds to radiant rubies, pawnshops eagerly accept these timeless pieces.
  • Electronics. Stay ahead of the tech curve by pawning your electronics. From smartphones to laptops, tablets to gaming consoles, pawnshops value the utility and desirability of these modern gadgets.
  • Firearms. Guns hold both practical and collectible value, making them a hot commodity at pawnshops. Whether you're parting with a prized rifle or a rare handgun, firearms are sure to command attention.
  • Power tools. Power up your pawnshop dealings with quality power tools. From drills to saws, sanders to routers, these durable tools are essential for both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike.
  • Rare collectibles. From vintage toys to limited edition memorabilia, pawnshops are always on the lookout for unique items that capture the imagination.
  • Musical instruments. Strike a chord with pawnshops by offering up musical instruments. Whether it's a classic guitar, a versatile keyboard, or an elegant violin, these instruments resonate with both musicians and collectors alike.
  • Sporting goods. Score big by pawning your sporting goods. From premium golf clubs to high-performance bicycles, pawnshops appreciate the value and utility of quality sports equipment.

By familiarizing yourself with these high-demand pawnable items, you can confidently navigate the pawnshop landscape and maximize the value of your assets. So, whether you're decluttering your home or seeking financial assistance, leverage the power of pawnable items to achieve your goals with ease.

How To Get the Most Money Fast at a Pawnshop

Unlock the vault of potential earnings at a pawnshop with our expert strategies for maximizing your profits! When it comes to quickly securing the highest payout for your items, knowledge is key.

  • Know your item's true value. Arm yourself with comprehensive knowledge about the true worth of your belongings. Conduct thorough research, consult appraisers, or utilize online valuation tools to gain insight into the market value of your item. By understanding its true value, you position yourself for negotiation success.
  • Understand pawnshop dynamics. Recognize that pawnshops operate on a business model that involves risk mitigation and profit margins. While they acknowledge the value of your items, they typically offer loans based on a fraction of that value. Be prepared for this reality and adjust your expectations accordingly.
  • Negotiate effectively. Armed with knowledge and understanding, approach negotiations with confidence. Advocate for the value of your item while remaining open to compromise. Be prepared to leverage your research and insights to secure the best possible deal.
  • Be flexible. Recognize that pawnshops may have limitations on what they can accept based on market demand and store policies. Consider alternative options or compromises to enhance the appeal of your item and increase its potential value.
  • Presentation matters. Present your item in the best possible light to maximize its perceived value. Clean, polish, and showcase it effectively to highlight its features and desirability. A well-presented item is more likely to command higher offers.
  • Build a relationship. Cultivate a positive relationship with the pawnshop staff by demonstrating professionalism, honesty, and respect. A strong rapport can lead to favorable treatment and potentially higher offers in the future.

By following these expert tips, you can confidently navigate the pawnshop experience and unlock the maximum value for your items. Don't settle for less – empower yourself with knowledge and negotiation skills to ensure you walk away with the most money possible.

What Can I Pawn for $50, $100, $500, and $1,000?

If you are looking to receive a specific dollar amount at the pawn shop, here is a guide to getting the amount you need.

Amount You Want To Earn

Items To Pawn


  • Gold or silver jewelry
  • Small electronics (e.g., smartphones, tablets)
  • Designer accessories (e.g., watches, handbags)
  • Power tools
  • Musical instruments (e.g., keyboards, guitars)
  • High-quality DVDs, Blu-rays, or video games
  • Valuable collectibles (e.g., coins, stamps)
  • Small appliances (e.g., coffee makers, mixers)
  • Handheld gaming consoles (e.g., Nintendo Switch)


  • Higher-end electronics (e.g., laptops, cameras)
  • Premium tool sets (e.g., mechanic's toolboxes)
  • Vintage or rare books
  • Limited edition sneakers
  • Collectible trading cards (e.g., Pokémon cards)
  • Quality home audio equipment (e.g., speakers)
  • Antique or unique home decor
  • High-demand fitness equipment (e.g., dumbbells)


  • Firearms (check local laws and regulations)
  • High-value designer clothing
  • Premium gaming consoles (e.g., PlayStation 5)
  • Rare or valuable artwork
  • Fine china or porcelain
  • Authentic autographed memorabilia
  • High-end watches (e.g., Rolex, Omega)
  • Quality power tools for professionals


  • High-end jewelry (e.g., diamond rings)
  • Luxury watches (e.g., Rolex Submariner)
  • High-performance musical instruments (e.g., grand pianos)
  • Premium home theater systems (e.g., surround sound setups)
  • Rare collectible items with provenance
  • Valuable antique furniture
  • Classic or luxury cars (depending on pawnshop policies)
  • High-value electronics in excellent condition (e.g., Apple products)

Pawn Vehicles for $500 or More

Unlock substantial cash flow with vehicle pawns starting at $500 or more! While the exact amount hinges on factors such as the car’s age, condition, and overall value, this option presents a lucrative opportunity for those in need of quick financial relief.

Title pawns have emerged as a favored choice, offering the dual advantage of retaining ownership of your vehicle while securing the loan. This innovative approach allows you to navigate your daily routine unhindered while addressing your financial obligations.

By leveraging the value of your vehicle through a pawn arrangement, you can seize control of your finances and unlock the potential for a substantial cash infusion, all while maintaining the freedom to continue utilizing your vehicle as needed.

20 Pawnable Items Worth $500

Many items can be pawned for more than $500 but each shop determines how much they are willing to loan, with a specific item held to secure the fast loan. 

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is a popular item at pawn shops. However, it must be jewelry with significant gold or silver content to get the most out of it. It should also have a gemstone. Typical jewelry that gets the most money are wedding sets and high-end watches.

The key point to note about jewelry is many pawn shops require proof that the jewelry belongs to you. They will run it through a police database to ensure it hasn't been reported stolen.

2. Electronics

Maximize your earnings with electronics such as laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles, proven powerhouses for cash generation at pawnshops. These versatile gadgets not only fetch top dollar in sales but also serve as valuable collateral for loans, providing a dual avenue for financial relief.

To ensure optimal returns, your electronics must meet specific criteria. They must be free from viruses, ensuring seamless functionality and enhanced desirability among potential buyers or lenders. Additionally, gently used devices are preferred, showcasing minimal wear and tear to command premium prices.

Keeping pace with evolving technology trends is essential. Pawnshops favor models that are two years old or less, reflecting current market demand and maximizing resale potential. By adhering to these guidelines, you position yourself for maximum profitability when pawning electronics.

3. Vintage Cookware

Typically, old pots and pans aren't going to bring much to a pawn shop. However, vintage cookware possesses inherent value, particularly when it boasts characteristics such as rarity, historical significance, or prestigious craftsmanship. Items bearing the mark of esteemed designers or discontinued lines command attention and premium prices within the pawnshop realm.

Unlock the vault of potential earnings by unearthing coveted pieces crafted by high-end designers or those rendered obsolete by time. These culinary relics not only serve practical purposes but also serve as tangible investments, ripe for monetization at pawnshops.

4. Collectible Comic Books

Comic books can be highly valuable if you have the right edition in a popular series. Some of the most expensive comic books are Captain America #1, Tales of Suspense #39, Batman #1, and Detective Comics #27. It pays to do some research. 

5. Power Tools

Renowned for their high resale value and practical utility, power tools consistently command attention from savvy buyers, ensuring a steady stream of income in the pawnshop marketplace.

To optimize your earnings, meticulous attention to detail is paramount. Ensure your power tools are not only clean but also meticulously maintained, boasting optimal functionality and performance. Presentation is key, as pristine tools exude professionalism and enhance their desirability, translating into higher offers from discerning pawnshop patrons.

Brand recognition plays a pivotal role in determining value. Power tools bearing prestigious names like Stihl or other reputable brands instantly capture attention, instilling confidence in both pawnshop proprietors and prospective buyers. Leverage the cachet of these esteemed brands to maximize your earning potential and secure top-dollar offers for your tools.

6. Textbooks

Most pawnshops won't readily accept old textbooks, as they are worth about 30 percent of the cost you paid for them the year before. Textbooks are updated so much they become instantly invaluable. However, pawn shops in college towns may offer money for them.

7. Furniture

Furniture is a hard one to pawn because it takes up space and styles quickly change. Most pawn shops won't give more than $100 for a piece of furniture unless it is solid wood or an antique. Those will get you $500.

8. Video Game Consoles

There are many video game consoles out there to pawn. In fact, there is a new one almost every year. If you are thinking of pawning a video game console or accessories, we highly recommend that you check that it is functioning properly and that you've kept it in good condition. Depending on which console, you may fetch a decent return, but it needs to pass those basic quality checks.

9. Designer Bags

The amount of a pawn you can get for a designer bag depends on the designer an authenticity. You can probably get between 40 and 60 percent of the bag's original worth out of a pawn shop.

10. High School Band Instruments

Tubas and bassons are the hallmarks of a high school band, but you may also find them in a pawn shop. The flood of instruments lowers the pawn value. The most popular instruments, like flutes, will bring the most money in a pawn. However, they must be in good shape and the case must also be in excellent condition.

11. Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment can bring more than $500 in a pawn, depending on the brand and the popularity of the type of equipment. Make it look good before asking for a pawn. Clean it and make it look as new as possible.

12. Childhood Toys

Childhood toys generally only bring dollars in a pawnshop or sale. Many pawn shops won't accept toys because they are either too cheap, worn out, or too hard to safely clean of germs. However, vintage toys can bring cash. Popular items like Barbies or GI Joes always bring the most. 

13. Limited Edition Shoes

Generally, pawn shops won't accept shoes because they are worn out and not valuables. The exception is limited edition shoes, which are high-end athletic shoes. Like anything else, the condition matters. 

14. Golf Clubs

While sports gear is pawnable, golf clubs aren't in high demand. They are like electronics in that so many advances are made every year that older clubs aren't valuable. Those who have a set of high-end clubs made in the last couple of years can get about half the original price of them in a pawnshop or sale at a pawn shop.

15. Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are items that command higher prices at pawn shops, both in sales and in pawn loans. Rolex is the most desired brand but other high-end brands like Cartier will also give you at least $1,000.

16. Firearms

Pawn shops love firearms because they will always sell. Sales for firearms have been up for several years so you can command larger money for both handguns and rifles. The most important thing is that you must have proper registration proving you are the owner to sell or pawn firearms at a pawn shop. 

17. Motorcycle

You can pawn a motorcycle but the brand matters when it comes to how much you get. Harley-Davidson will net the most and some specific models are worth more than other Harleys. Some top brands and models include the 8 Ducati Streetfighter V2, the 2 Yamaha YZF R7, and the 5 Honda CBR1000RR. 

18. Peloton Bike

Pelotran is a popular brand and the bike is a popular piece of exercise equipment. The standard is pawnshops will offer between $200 and $500 for this item. It depends on the condition.

19. Riding Lawnmower

Riding lawnmowers can be pawned but often won't get the dollars you need because most are overused and not running well when people try to pawn them. Top brands like John Deere or Zero Turns are going to bring in the most money with some netting you $500. Most riding lawnmowers will only give you between $100 to $150 in a pawn or sale.

20. Sports Memoribilia

Sports memorabilia is a niche item and some pawn shops want it more than others. Like vintage toys and other collectibles, the price you get in a pawn or sale depends on exactly what you have. Some of the top items are those relating to Mickey Mantle, Michael Jordan, and Muhammad Ali. 

Many of these pawnable items will increase in value over time and a pawn shop isn't going to give you the money they are truly worth, either in a loan or even in a sale. It would be better to get an unsecured loan with us at SimpleFastLoans. 

We provide money for emergencies and you can do it all online in just a few minutes. That can ease your stress about how to pay for an emergency without giving up items that will bring you more money in the future.

Related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many people have never dealt with a pawn shop and have questions. Many things should be considered before you take an item to a pawn shop.

Which Pawn Shops Pay the Most?

Pawn shops that collect and deal with high-end collectibles will likely pay the most.

What Are Some Expensive Tools To Pawn?

Name brands like DeWalt, Stihl, Bosch, and Snap-On will bring in the most money with each tool being valued between $30 and $200 at a pawn shop.

Do You Get More Money if You Pawn or Sell?

You are going to get more money if you sell but it isn't so much more that it is worth it. It depends on the overall value of the item, whether you can sell it for more money outright, or if you truly want to keep it. Typically, it's better to pawn it if you need money now, pay the pawn, and sell it privately if you don't want to keep it.

How Do I Find Pawn Shops Near Me?

A look online will list several pawn shops in your area.

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