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Money Guides

Whether you want to know how to budget or save, we got all the best money guides for you. We set up our guides to have the best information about being successful with your money. There is a how-to for everything on our site. Read more to learn about how we can help.

We have you covered. Our team of experts have lived the experience and offer the most practical advice for you to make the most of your money. These guides are here to help protect your money for the future.

    1. Installment loans FAQ
      September 20, 2023

      What Is an Installment Loan? (Answered)

      Want to learn the basics of an installment loan? Installment loans are where you get a lump sum upfront and pay it back in fixed, scheduled payments, including both the borrowed amount and interest.

    2. A man looking for a lost cashier's check
      September 20, 2023

      How To Handle a Lost Cashier’s Check

      To handle a lost cashier's check, you'll need to contact your bank, request a stop payment, fill out a Declaration of Loss Form, wait for the bank's investigation, and hopefully the replacement check.

    3. Finding a low credit score loan
      August 30, 2023

      The Best Personal Loans for Borrowers with a Low Credit Score

      While some banks accept 600 or higher, many prefer 630 or above, leaving those below 500 struggling. However, online lenders are more flexible, often approving loans for individuals with extremely low scores, provided they have a steady income. Online lenders, known for their speed, may provide funds within 48 hours. Credit challenges persist, but solutions exist, so reach out to explore your financial options and move towards a brighter financial future.

    4. A woman who has paid off all her debt
      August 23, 2023

      10 Proven Strategies for Paying Off Loans Faster

      Ready to break free from debt? We've got 10 powerful strategies to help. Understand why early repayment is a financial win, then consider factors like penalties and your budget. Prioritize high monthly payments, use auto-pay for convenience and savings, employ the debt snowball method, and many more strategies.

    5. A customer receiving a short-term loan quickly
      August 9, 2023

      3 Pros and 3 Cons of Short-Term Loans

      Short-term loans offer quick accessibility and provide a timely solution to immediate financial needs. However, it's essential to weigh their advantages against potential downsides.

    6. Goals for self-employed individuals
      July 19, 2023

      Simplifying Self-Employed Financing: Installment Loans with Flexible Funding

      There are a few challenges that every self-employed individual would have to face when trying to get financing. However, Simple Fast Loans has a hassle-free installment loan application process.

    7. Get a relocation loan to make moving easy
      July 5, 2023

      How a Relocation Loan Can Make Moving Easy

      It doesn’t really matter whether you’re moving to another state, city, or just down the road – the process can be incredibly stressful and expensive. An installment loan from Simple Fast Loans can help you stay ahead of those extra costs.

    8. Quick loans in South Carolina
      June 21, 2023

      Expert Advice for Choosing the Best Quick Loans in South Carolina

      There are great options for quick loans available in South Carolina, and Simple Fast Loans' installment loans are available to borrowers with any type of credit score.

    9. Why Simple Fast Loans Is Better
      June 14, 2023

      Navigating Online Payday Loans | Tips for Smarter Borrowing

      Online payday loans are an attractive option for some, but the installment loans offered by Simple Fast Loans can offer a better deal for other customers.

    10. Family looking at bills
      May 31, 2023

      Financial Safety Net: What To Know About Emergency Loans for Low-Income Families

      Saving enough money to establish a financial safety net can be extremely challenging. And that is especially true for low-income families. If a disaster happens, the chances are high that you won’t have enough funds to cover the unexpected, urgent expenses. Simple Fast Loans' installment loans can help!

    11. Financial help for single moms
      May 24, 2023

      A Financial Survival Kit for Single Moms: Essential Resources for Financial Help

      Single moms are usually moving so fast between jobs, kids, and maybe continuing education that they don't often have time to figure out exactly what it is they need. They just know they need help. Simple Fast Loans has personal loans available for single mothers.

    12. Person with bad credit needing instant approval for an auto loan
      May 3, 2023

      No More Waiting: Instant Approval Auto Repair Loans for Bad Credit

      According to recent reports, car repairs can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000, and even those with insurance may still face a deductible of $500 to $2,000 for damages. For this reason, Simple Fast Loans offers personal loans for those with good or bad credit.

    13. Low income loans
      April 26, 2023

      Low-Income Loans | The Best Options Near You

      Many people may feel they are low income because their money doesn't stretch as far as it should, but Simple Fast Loans has online loans for those who need help.

    14. Young happy person in wheelchair reading about the best personal loans for people on disability benefits
      March 8, 2023

      The Best Personal Loans for People on Disability Benefits

      Additionally, many Americans are dependent on government disability benefits to survive and make ends meet. Personal loans like those from Simple Fast Loans can make a big difference.

    15. Girl in wheelchair reading a document about loans.
      February 15, 2023

      What Do I Need To Get a Loan? A Step-by-Step Checklist

      Are you in the market for a loan? While it is an excellent option for some people, it is essential to understand that most lenders require documentation to prove your identity, income, residence, and other personal details that may apply to your situation.

    16. Loan Eligibility written on sticky notes isolated on Wooden Table
      February 7, 2023

      How to Tell If You're Eligible for a Personal Loan

      Personal loans are a great way to get the money you need for a large expense or unexpected bills. But not everyone is approved for a loan, so it's important to know what lenders look for when deciding if you're eligible. For a loan through Simple Fast Loans, they will look at ...

    17. Couple reading a guide on how personal loans work.
      February 1, 2023

      A Guide on How Personal Loans Work

      For many Americans, finding financial support means applying for a credit card or traditional bank loan yet there is another option – personal loans. Personal loans, also known as signature loans, are an increasingly popular way to cover short-term expenses and cover unexpected bills.

    18. Person smiling at the camera wanting to what signs mean a lender is reliable
      January 4, 2023

      Signs Your Loan Is from a Reliable Lender

      Getting a loan is a major decision, and you don't want to be scammed. Therefore, you always want to ensure you build a trusting relationship with your lender. Creditors who aren't on the up and up can overcharge you and harm your financial situation rather than help it. Here are ...

    19. Woman wondering what to do after a bank refused her loan.
      November 23, 2022

      A Bank Refused My Loan: What To Do Next

      It can be disheartening for a bank to deny you a loan, especially if you need one for an emergency like a home repair, hospital bill, or car repair. However, that doesn't mean no one will lend you the money you need. There are short-term and long-term strategies you can apply.

    20. People researching home equity loans vs a line of credit.
      November 16, 2022

      Home Equity Loans vs. A Line of Credit: Which Is Best?

      The average American home has grown 45% in value from 2019 to 2022. With so much equity sitting on these properties, some homeowners are looking for home equity loans or lines of credit (HELOCs) to get cash for a large expense. This article will cover all you need to know ...

    21. Woman wondering what to do after credit card application was declined.
      November 9, 2022

      My Credit Card Application Was Declined: What Can I Do?

      If a credit card company denies your application, don't just tear up the rejection letter and wallow. Instead, this is an opportunity to find out more about your credit history, take action to fix it, and look for other alternatives. In other words, this can be a step towards better ...

    22. Post it note saying boost credit score
      November 2, 2022

      The Top Ten Ways To Boost Your Credit Score

      A good credit score gives you more loan options, lower interest rates, and even rewards and special offers. Eventually, it can even help you save thousands of dollars and get peace of mind from knowing you can take out a loan any time you need financing. However, many Americans don’t ...

    23. Laptop with Loan Approved message
      October 5, 2022

      How To Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

      Most banks will only approve a loan if you have a credit score of 660 or higher. Anyone below that is considered a "credit risk" will need someone to co-sign the loan or present additional documents like proof of income and a list of assets. However, there are personal loans for people who have bad credit. This guide can help you know the types of loans, their pros and cons, and how to apply for them.

    24. Louisville Skyline
      July 13, 2022

      Rent Relief for Kentucky Families

      Affordable housing is becoming a concern across the country. Rents are increasing even in places like Kentucky, which has lower housing costs. For example, in Lexington County, rents increased 17% year over year as of April 2022. Inflation like this is worrisome for working, and middle-class Americans since wages are ...

    25. Texas flag with money in the background.
      July 13, 2022

      Having an Emergency Fund for Rising Inflation in Texas

      Bills in Texas are on the rise. An out-of-control inflation rate has resulted in insurance, gas, and food being more expensive than ever. Because of this, dealing with emergency expenses can be exceedingly challenging. Many often find themselves having to forgo medical treatment, vet treatment, and even home repairs to ...

    26. Person thinking about how much it costs to live alone.
      July 6, 2022

      The Hidden Costs of Living Alone

      Living alone can be amazing. It can instill a form of independence that isn't easily achieved elsewhere. Plus, you have no one else to worry about but yourself and your own set of rules and expectations. However, living alone comes with many hidden costs. The hidden costs of living alone ...

    27. Woman wondering how she will cover the cost of her medical treatment.
      June 20, 2022

      Medical Debt: How Medical Loans Can Help

      Medical debt is one of the biggest forms of debt people experience in the United States. Thankfully, there are loans available to help those who need treatment acquire financing for medical treatment or pay off debt caused by medical treatment. According to the Survey of Income and Program Participation, there ...

    28. Woman having dental work done.
      May 23, 2022

      What Is the Best Way To Pay For Dental Work?

      In this article, you will learn about some of the options that may allow you to cover the cost of your dental treatment quickly.

    29. Couple discussing how they can Cover Unexpected Medical Bills
      April 13, 2022

      Use an Installment Loan To Cover Unexpected Medical Bills

      The United States is one of the most expensive countries in the world for medical treatment. A treatment plan here can be 20-30x the cost anywhere in the world, even if you are insured. It probably comes as no surprise that this sends a lot of people deep into medical ...

    30. Wooden blocks showing the word Jargon
      February 11, 2022

      Explained: Financial Jargon

      Have you ever been scared away from pulling the trigger on applying for a loan, making an investment, or even opening a checking account simply because you could not understand the financial jargon that was thrown at you? You are not alone. In the financial world, there are so many ...

    31. Wooden plaque with the word refinance.
      January 31, 2022

      Can You Refinance a Personal Loan?

      Refinancing a personal loan is possible and encouraged to lower payments, pay off a loan faster, or improve debt-to-income ratio or credit score.

    32. Woman calculating her personal finances on her computer.
      December 20, 2021

      How To Stay on Top of Your Loan Repayments

      In this article, we’ll discuss the best tips for staying on top of loan payments and why it’s so important.

    33. Family learning how to save money while repaying loans
      November 29, 2021

      Easy Ways To Save Money While You Are Repaying Loans

      Making payments on your loan comes with multiple benefits and it is normal for questions to arise during the process. While making payments on your loan you may have wondered how you can go about saving money at the same time.

    34. Man with cash flying out of his wallet because of bad money habits.
      November 2, 2021

      10 Money Habits That Are Guaranteed To Keep You Poor

      Think about what your life would be like if you weren’t worrying about money. You always have enough for bills and other needs. You can pursue important goals or buy the things that can make you happy. You can create this life—not by winning the lotto but by getting rid ...

    35. Man wondering what a Collateral Loan is and How it Works
      October 19, 2021

      What Is a Collateral Loan and How Does It Work?

      If you’re browsing the internet looking for the right loan for you, chances are you have come across the term, “collateral”. If you don’t know exactly what it means, have no fear. In this article, we’re breaking down the word and its context as well as discussing various examples. By the end of this article, you will be well-versed in the subject of collateral as it applies to loans so you can be confident as you go forward choosing the best loan for you.

    36. Woman wondering how she will get Through Times of Financial Hardship.
      October 18, 2021

      Survive Financial Hardship: Tips To Get You Through Tough Times

      Financial hardship can happen to anyone. You can lose your job, or your business could fail—which is what happened to millions of people during the pandemic. Someone in the family got sick, and your savings went to hospital bills. Death, divorce, and disability can also change circumstances overnight. If you’re going through financial hardship, know that you’re not alone and that you can overcome this and get back on your feet. Meanwhile, these tips can help you get through the tough times.

    37. Person breaking open piggy bank for emergency money.
      October 5, 2021

      Applying Online for Bad Credit Emergency Loans

      Life is full of unexpected moments. Sometimes, these surprises are wonderful and welcomed. Other times, when they come in the form of an emergency, they can be stressful and frightening. Often, an aspect that makes unexpected events even more unfortunate is their cost. Emergencies tend to be expensive. Few people ...

    38. Woman wondering how she will pay moving costs.
      October 4, 2021

      Moving Costs Adding Up? An Installment Loan Can Help

      The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a great migration between states recently. While reasons for moving vary, all individuals who find themselves in this position will also find themselves incurring moving costs. Installment loans are a great way to fund your move fast without stretching or breaking your current budget. The ...

    39. Calendar showing date loan needs to be paid.
      September 27, 2021

      Simple Ways to Budget to Pay off Your Installment Loan Early

      Finding simple ways to budget to pay off your installment loan early can seem difficult, but we've put together a list to help you get started, as well as a discussion of whether paying off your loan early is suitable for you.

    40. Woman wondering how to pay for car repairs with no money.
      September 20, 2021

      How To Pay for Car Repairs with No Money

      Are you short on money? Use a personal loan to pay for the car repairs you need today. This article will explain why getting a personal loan to pay for a car repair can take some of the weight off unexpected and prohibitive costs.

    41. Couple getting married using a personal loan.
      September 14, 2021

      Wedding Loans: How to Finance Your Wedding Day in the 21st Century

      According to a survey taken by The Knot, nowadays, couples should expect to pay around $22,500 for an average wedding. That’s a lot of money! No wonder some couples choose to go for an installment loan that is going to cover all their wedding expenses.

    42. Date rent is due to be paid on calendar
      September 13, 2021

      How To Pay Rent with a Credit Card

      Many people who possess credit find that, at some point in their time renting, they may be short on cash. When push comes to shove, people genuinely want to know whether or not you can practically pay rent with your credit card. In short, you technically can pay rent with ...

    43. Family arriving in the USA hoping to build their credit.
      September 8, 2021

      New to the US? How an Installment Loan Can Help Build Credit

      It is incredibly important to start building your credit history in the United States as soon as possible and getting an installment loan for that matter is one of the things that you might want to consider. A loan can help you diversify your credit mix, build a payment history, and, ultimately, pay any existing debt off faster.

    44. Couple with bad credit asking for help.
      June 2, 2021

      Best Loans For Bad Credit Borrowers (Editor's Choice)

      If you have bad credit, then you're probably going through a tough time trying to get a loan from a bank. Traditional bank loans tend to be for those with decent to excellent credit. This is because banks would rather deal with low-risk borrowers that are more likely to pay ...

    45. What to know about payday loans and installment loans
      May 20, 2021

      Installment Loans and Payday Loans: 3 Differences To Know

      Installment loans offer longer repayment terms and higher borrowing limits, making them suitable for larger expenses, while payday loans provide quick, short-term relief with smaller amounts but often higher APRs.

    46. A loan application with money sitting on top.
      May 20, 2021

      What To Consider When Choosing Installment Loans

      We’ve put together this simple guide on the important things you need to consider when you’re choosing a installment loan provider

    47. Woman wondering if she can get an installment loan with bad credit
      May 4, 2021

      Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit | Do They Exist?

      You may see commercials across the financial industry that use the word “guaranteed.” It is a comforting word for consumers to hear because it removes inhibition and pushes hesitant shoppers toward applying for loans. However, the truth is that guarantees are often imaginary in the world of consumer finance. Guarantees ...

    48. Person wondering how they will bridge the Holiday Gap
      April 15, 2021

      4 Ways Installment Loans Can Help Bridge the Holiday Gap

      The holidays certainly have a way of draining our finances, almost to the point of being completely broke well into the new year. We’ve all been there at one time or another, and for the majority of us who don’t have an emergency savings to pull from, the post-holiday ...